Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!

Time for a giant party!! First of all, many thanks to Maria Grazia of My Jane Austen Book Club and Katherine Cox of November's Autumn for coming up with the idea of having a worldwide celebration in honor of Jane's 236th birthday! Every one of these sites below (mine included!) will be giving away a different gift to commenters on each blog's birthday post -- the winner for every individual blog to be randomly chosen on December 23rd. So feel free to stop by as many of these wonderful sites as you can over the next week. Commenters here will be entered in a drawing to win an According to Jane canvas tote bag and a pair of A Summer in Europe luggage tags! The other thing we're all doing is sharing either a birthday gift or a birthday card/letter for Jane. Since anachronisms pose no problem with such a flight of fancy, cost isn't an issue, and realism is not at all required here, my gift to Jane is...2 first-class around-the-world plane tickets

I know she will want companionship on this massive foreign adventure, so one ticket has her name on it and the second has her sister Cassandra's name. (If they should meet anyone interesting on their journey, well, who am I to stop them? But those handsome individuals will have to procure their own means of transportation!) The thing is, I don't think Jane was really in need of travel to broaden her mind. She already had the gift of great intellect and imagination, and she saw a world of human nature in her little neighborhoods with "four and twenty families..." No. She was not in need of travel, but I do think she would have enjoyed it, especially if the means of circumnavigating the globe were clean and speedy, comfortable and without fear of illness. Long ship voyages would not have been for her, but even those she never would have been able to purchase for herself. 

So, to me, if I could really give her that kind of painless and quick travel experience, I would. Although, I'll admit, I'd love to be able to meet her in London for tea upon her return and hear firsthand her impressions of the world. What about you? If you could give Jane just one gift or send her a birthday wish...what might it be? Take a peek at what some of the other Austen lovers are sharing with Jane today and offering as prizes on their blogs, and here's wishing you all a wonderful weekend -- even if it isn't your 236th birthday ;).

*** Katherine Cox ~ November's Autumn $10 Barnes & Noble gift card Maria Grazia ~ My Jane Austen Book Club a selection of Austenesque novels Marilyn Brant ~ Brant Flakes According to Jane canvas tote bag & A Summer in Europe luggage tags Karen Doorbebos ~ Fiction vs. Reality Smackdown Definitely Not Mr. Darcy (2 copies), 2 Jane Austen candles, & drink coasters and tea Regina Jeffers ~ Regina's Blog Christmas at Pemberley Alyssa Goodnight ~ Alyssa's Blog Jane Austen Action Figure Sharon Lathan ~ Sharon's blog Miss Darcy Falls in Love Abigail Reynolds ~ Pemberley Variations Mr. Darcy's Undoing C. Allyn Pierson ~ Semi True Stories Mr. Darcy's Little Sister Cindy Jones ~ First Draft My Jane Austen Summer & package of Lily Berry's Pink Rose Tea by Bingley Teas Vera Nazarian ~ Urban Girl Takes Vermont Vera's Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration in hardcover Jane Odiwe ~ Jane Austen Sequels Mr. Darcy's Secret & a mug with a Jane Odiwe illustration Susan Kaye, Laura Hile, Pamela Aidan, & Barbara Cornthwaite ~ Jane Started It! Young Master Darcy: A Lesson in Honor by Pamela Aidan set of Frederick Wentworth, Captain by Susan Kaye Mercy's Embrace: So Rough a Course (2 copies) by Laura Hile set of George Knightley, Gentleman by Barbara Cornthwaite Juliet Archer ~ Choc Lit Authors' Corner Persuade Me & The Importance of Being Emma Jane Greensmith ~ Reading, Writing, Working, Playing Intimations of Austen and Sense & Sensibility Marvel graphic novel Emily Snyder ~ O! Beauty Unattempted Letters of Love & Deception Farida Mestek ~ Regency Sketches I Was Jane Austen's Best Friend by Cora Harrison vvb32 Reads Jane Austen's Little Instruction Book (Charming Petites) Jane Austen in Vermont JASNA 2012 calendar from Wisconsin JASNA Region Becky Rhodehouse ~ One Literature Nut selection of Austenesque reads Jennifer Becton ~ Historical Fiction & Thrillers Personages of Pride and Prejudice Collection eBook Courtney Webb ~ Stiletto Storytime Noble Satyr by Lucinda Brant Adriana Zardini ~ Jane Austen Brazil Sense & Sensibility 1995 DVD - English with Portuguese subtitles Patrice Sarath ~ Patrice Sarath blog The Unexpected Miss Bennet Kaitlin Saunders ~ Kaitlin Saunders blog A Modern Day Persuasion Laurel Ann Nattress ~ Austenprose Jane Austen Made Me Do It Prue Batten ~ Mesmered's Blog Georgiana Darcy by Anne Elliot Jenny Allworthy ~ The Jane Austen Film Club Northanger Abbey 2007 DVD Sitio Jane Austen ~ El Salon de Te de Jane Spanish and English DVD package of Jane Austen adaptations Erin Blakemore ~ The Heroine's Bookshelf Pride & Prejudice notecards Austen Authors Georgette Heyer's Regency World by Jennifer Kloester ***


Sophia Rose said...

Happy Birthday, Jane! If I could give you a gift it would have been a healthy life so that you would have lived longer and blessed us with more of your writing. I will always wonder how you planned to finish Sanditon.

Marilyn, congrats on the new book release. I have enjoyed reading some of your travel blog posts.

Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.


Mystica said...

Thank you for the giveaway.

Happy Birthday Jane. There is nothing better to know that you have left behind a legacy which will never ever die.


ColleenL said...

Happy Birthday Jane! I think I'd give Jane a relaxing girl's night in.... a home cooked dinner, watch a couple chick flicks, some laughs over raspberry cheesecake and a bottle or two of a good moscato to round out the evening.

Thanks for the giveaway.

colleenday @ hotmail.com

anarmchairbythesea said...

Happy birthday, Jane! I think I'd like to give you good luck (i know, practical right?) so that you would've had better luck with the guys you liked...


Melanie said...

I know Jane would love your gift. She had such a curious mind.

Thank you for the giveaway.

melanie at melaniesmusings dot net

Blodeuedd said...

That would have been a lovely present for Jane :)
Now what could I give. Since this is fiction then a timemachine so she could come and see how popular he books are

booksforlife01 gmail dot com

Patricia said...

Happy birthday Jane! My gift to you would be a good doctor, so that your illness hadn't killled you.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Mare F said...

Happy birthday, Jane. Imagine how the world would have benefited from your visits.


Kirk said...

Happy 236th bday Jane Austen! The gift of a healthy and long life is a great one. Also, Jane's Fame. Finally, if the mystery man of the seaside existed, many yrs of joy!

Pamala Knight said...


Next, Wow. That is SOME givewaway.

To answer your question, I would like to gift Jane with a set of writing pens and paper all her own. During her lifetime, paper was in short supply and on some of the letters/papers that were included in the New York exhibit of her things, much was written double-sided. So, I'd want her to have as much paper as she liked so she could scribble and revise to her heart's content without worrying about taxing her father's or brother's supply. Because then, maybe she'd write yet another masterpiece ;-).

ahartsell said...

I think I would go with the time machine as a gift, so that she could see what her legacy has been. arianne(dot)hartsell(at)gmail(dot)com

Edie Ramer said...

I'm with Sophia. A long and healthy life so she could've written more books that I could be happily re-reading.

So, in the end, my birthday wish for her is pure selfishness and will benefit me.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jane. If I could give her a gift it would be the chance to find and keep true love.


Danielle said...

I think I would want to give her writing paper and a nice walk in a garden. I think she would get a lot of use out of the paper, and we would get another novel, and she is said to love nature and walks.

Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

Lisa said...

Happy Jane's Birthday! Thanks for the opportunity to win; I hope I am chosen!

Lisa said...

Oops, I forgot to add my gift for Jane. I'd love to give her a laptop and printer!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Jane! Hmm...what would I give you for your birthday...a room full of ridiculous people, so you could capture them forever in fiction.

kissyjensen at gmail dot com

Sewing 1x1 said...

Happy B'day Jane Austen!

I would give her an iPad.

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Jane! I think I would give her a digital camera

Niko Staten said...

happy Birthday Jane!
I would buy and give Jane her childhood home, as I read once that she missed it terribly when her parents chose to move.


Patricia Finnegan said...

Happy Birthday Jane! If I could give her one gift, It would be a different place to live in the country side rather than bath when she was older.

Marilyn Brant said...

Sophia Rose, so glad you've enjoyed the travel posts (!!) and your gift to Jane is spot on ;).

Mystica, she left quite a legacy, didn't she?!

Colleen, love your "girls night in" idea!

Bex, I suspect Jane would have appreciated that luck ;).

Melanie, thank you :). I, too, think she must have been very curious about the world and would have loved to learn more...

Blodeuedd, oh, yes! I can imagine her delight (and, sometimes, alarm, LOL) at time-traveling to the future and seeing what a craze she created!!

Patricia, yes, indeed! That would be a good gift...

Mare, so true ;).

Lisa said...

You didn't ask for an email address, but I'm putting mine here anyway. I posted previously - lisaquing@gmail.com

Marilyn Brant said...

Kirk, I would love to know if that man at the seaside really existed, too!! I like to think so and love imagining them happy together...

Pamala, it's quite the celebration :). And an unlimited supply of paper and pens is a *perfect* gift for a writer! We all need that space on the page to scribble and start fresh. Great idea!

Arianne, I think she'd be fascinated by seeing her incredible legacy, too.

Edie, your "selfishness" is mine as well!! Wouldn't it have been wonderful to have more JA books left to read?!

nomadicdragon, sigh...to find and keep true love...an excellent wish.

Danielle, paper is a great idea and I love the garden walks -- I agree, she would have loved that, too!

Marilyn Brant said...

Lisa, I have NO DOUBT Jane would have been awed by your gift! I'm still a little awed by my laptop and printer and I was born a whole lot later ;). p.s. Glad you included your email, thank you!

Chris, LOL -- Jane would capture them well, I'm sure :).

Sewing, ohh, the things Jane could do with an iPad!

Jennifer, your gift and mine would go perfectly well together! She'd need that camera for sure if she took an around the world trip...

Andrea, what a thoughtful gift! I can only imagine her gratitude at having something special like her home given back to her. Lovely idea.

Patricia F, she sure didn't like Bath, did she?! I think she would have appreciated your gift quite a lot!

I love reading all of these wonderful ideas and I'm truly enjoying being a little part of this fabulous JA celebration! Looking forward to more later ;).

Else M Tennessen said...

Happy Bday, Jane! My birthday letter to you is posted at http://bellasartes.blogspot.com/2011/12/happy-birthday-jane.html. Many happy returns!

Danae said...

Happy Birthday Miss Austen!


Regina Jeffers said...

I think I like Sophia's idea of better health care. It would have been wonderful to have Jane continue to write for many years. She left us too soon.

Sharon Lathan said...

I want to go too!! What a blast of a trip that would be! Great idea, Marilyn. I am sure she and Cassandra will have a great time. And surely, since this is a flight of fancy, they will encounter a few handsome gentlemen along the way to liven up the adventure. :-)

Arianna Rafi said...

What a great idea to give her around-the-world plane tickets! Imagine what kind of books she could have written upon her return, recounting her travels of the world! If I could give a gift to Jane, it would be a laptop. She could've gotten all of her work done so much faster, and she could have even finished her other novels!

Thank you for the give-away! I can't wait to explore your blog! And I wish a big happy birthday to Jane!


Olga said...

What a great way to celbrate Jane's birthday, by writing letters. Thanks.

MonicaP said...

I love your gift to Jane (and Cassandra, too) - who wouldn't love a trip around the world, hopefully with some handsome companions! :)

I would give Jane a laptop, preprogrammed with a list of all the Austen-related blogs and stories so she would know how beloved her works are, and see what people have done with her characters.

Happy Birthday Jane! :)

MonicaP said...

email: monicaperry00@gmail.com

Lia said...

Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!
Lia Freitas

Denise said...

Oh Thank you for the fun.Wow!How could we out do a trip around the world.Fantastic gift.Maybe a star named after Her.In reality,it would most likely be a journal-tehe-Please include me in your wonderful giveaway.You want to hear something funny?Well, all this long morning I thought we had to visit all the blogs today.Can you just hear my husband's reaction?-Denise

BeckyC said...

Marilyn, can I give her a very selfish gift of more time in life to write more books???

Happy birthday, Jane!

This is the best blog hop ever!
Thank you for the giveaway.

Congratulation on the release!

Phoebe's Sisters said...

I'd love to employ a great artist to paint her portrait.


erlynn said...

Happy Birthday Jane Austen! I would give her the love of her life and a big hug and thank you for her contribution to literature.


Literary Chanteuse said...

Happy Birthday Jane! If I could give her a gift it would be a huge box full of all the books that have been written about her or that she has inspired. Okay a quite a few huge boxes... I think it would be amazing for her to see how she has inspired so many of us fans. I can always use a bowl of Brant Flakes! Loved the visit Marilyn!


Poof...books! said...

Love your tickets for Jane, just think if she had more of an opportunity as we do now just how many more thoughts she might have had to write about. I would wish her more years to write and enjoy life, maybe even find true love.

Congrats on all of your writing success, may you have many more years to come.

poofbooks [@] gmail [.]

Heather said...

Tea in london would be the perfect place to meet up with Jane from someone on this side of the pond

Laurel Ann (Austenprose) said...

Happy birthday Jane Austen. Thanks for the great post and giveaway Marilyn. I would love to take that trip too!

Araminta18 said...

What a great gift! I'd give Jane a computer--so much easier to write that way than longhand. :)

Cara Scarlett said...

Happy Birthday to Jane! I wish I could give her a day back to see the impact she has had, and how loved she has become! Thank you for joining in the blog hop!


Donna said...

Happy Birthday Jane, just keep writing. You have made such an impact on the world.

teabird said...

Happy birthday, dearest Jane! You accompany me wherever I go in my Nook. My present for you: a Nook! A whole library in your reticule...

teabird17 atyahoodotcom

steampunktacularchick said...

Happy Birthday Jane! I wish you good health, love, happiness and prosperity!

And please sign me up for this awesome birthday giveaway. Thanks!


A Scattering said...

What a lovely thoughtful gift for our beloved Jane. Happy Birthday, Jane.


Marilyn Brant said...

Else, so nice of you to stop by!

Danae, glad you could visit!

Regina, I'm with you and Sophia as well. Oh, what a gift it would've been for us if Jane had been granted more time to write a few more novels...sigh.

Sharon, I am in perfect agreement with you!! I can just see the sisters meeting some dashing gentlemen in an exotic location. Makes me grin to think of it :).

Arianna, I love imagining Jane with a laptop, teaching herself to type at dizzying speeds and writing another six novels in just one year!!

Olga, so glad you could share the day with us!

Monica P, oooh, I love the idea of having the laptop programmed to all the Austen blogs! She wouldn't have to learn Google-search skills, she'd just have to click on a couple of links and the Austenesque world would open up to her :).

Lia, thanks for celebrating!

Marilyn Brant said...

Denise, LOL! When I told my husband that today was Jane's birthday, he said, "Are you going to be online ALL day now?" p.s. Loved your "star" idea, too!

Becky C, thanks for the congrats and, yes!! I wish she could have written more novels, too!

Farida, what a terrific idea! We would all enjoy seeing what she really looked like. Wonderful!!

erlynn, I'll bet she would have appreciated both of your gifts :).

Margaret, so glad to see you here!! Thanks for sharing your gift idea, too -- and, boy, you're really right about needing *several* big boxes to contain all the books Jane has inspired!

Poof...books, many thanks for your kind words! The idea of being able to give Jane something that might inspire new thoughts was definitely part of what made me select the tickets. I think seeing the world would, in the end, only convince her that humans are the same everywhere, but I would've loved for her to experience the joy of travel ;).

Marilyn Brant said...

Heatherly, oh, good!! In that case, you will have to join Jane and me for that tea ;).

Laurel Ann, I would love to take such a trip as well!!

Araminta, I'm quite sure she'd appreciate the incredible machine that is the personal computer!

Cara, don't you think Jane would be astounded by the incredible success of her novels?! It would be such fun to share that with her...

Donna, so glad you could celebrate the day with us!

teabird, oh, you're right! She would love to have a ENTIRE library right at her fingertips!! Hey, she could take her Nook with her on the flight ;).

steampunktacularchick, you're definitely entered and thanks for sharing your good wishes for Jane!

Elaine, thank you so much for saying so!! Hope you've been enjoying Jane's birthday :).

Kathryn Kane said...

I am not sure if this would be a gift to Jane or to all of us who love her work. I wish so many of her letters had not been burned by her family, so that she would have a chance to speak for herself across the centuries. Instead, we have to settle for what her nephew and nieces chose to share about her, through their own Victorian sensibilities.

I am not sure she would have agreed with what they had to say about her.

Diana said...

I'd give Jane an iPad 2. They are wonderful! She could write on it while sitting under a tree in a nice green meadow.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Jane! I would give you a collection of all of the movies based on your books as well as lots of chocolate and then make you sit and watch them with me. I am sure you would find many things to laugh at. :)

Thank you for the giveaway!


El Sitio de Jane said...

Happy Birthday Jane! Thanks for bringing wonderful stories to so many people through time and space! :)

kaewink said...

Happy birthday, Jane!

Thank you fro the giveaway oppotunity!

kewinkler at gmail dot com

Danielle V. said...

I would certainly love to give Jane a nice new writing desk and some writing supplies... she always looked so cramped at her small desk!



Maria Grazia said...

Thanks for joining us in this great event Marilyn! It's being great fun, isn't it? :D

Mary Preston said...

I think Jane would love an iPad . I ca see her accepting new ideas with relish.


Margay Leah Justice said...

My birthday wish for Jane would be kind of selfish. It would be for her to be blessed with more time and more ideas so she could grant us more enjoyment with her skill with words!


Margay Leah Justice said...

Hey, Marilyn, you should have known I'd come here for a chance at getting that According to Jane tote! (wink) It's still one of my favorite books!

Anonymous said...

I would give the gift of time....she died too young with novels left uncompleted and work left to do


Marilyn Brant said...

Kathryn, I would have liked to have see those original letters, too...

Diana, I think she'd be amazed by an iPad2!

Lieder, movie *and* chocolate -- what a wonderfully fun idea!!

El Sitio de Jane, she gave us all an amazing gift, didn't she? ;)

kaewink, thanks for visiting!

Danielle V, I'd imagine that Jane would appreciate the space to write and the additional supplies very much!

Maria Grazia, thank YOU for coming up with an idea for such a fabulous celebration!!

Marybelle, I'd bet an iPad would seem miraculous to anyone from Jane's era ;).

Margay, I don't think it's selfish at all...because I would have loved that, too :). As for According to Jane, I'm *thrilled* to hear it's still one of your faves, especially when I know how many book you read!! Thank you!

Stephanie, I agree! I suspect every one of us here would have wished Jane could have lived long enough to pen another two dozen novels at least...

Such wonderful responses from all of you!! :)

Katherine Cox said...

What a great idea! It would be very interesting to hear her remarks after the trip. :) Thank you for joining us for the Soiree, Marilyn.

Robin said...

OMG! What an amazing birthday celebration! I love your gift to Jane, Marilyn.

anme said...

This would be a very selfish gift- but I would give her a laptop so that she could finish her books quicker and produce a few more!

melorabrock {at} gmail {dot} com

Deb said...

Hi, Marilyn, I've been thinking this weekend what I would give Jane for her birthday. She must have suffered that age-old problem that near-Christmas babies have to; i.e., to be bereft of a birthday present/party in lieu of Christmas coming. I think what I'd give her, then, is a very Jane Austen birthday party aside from Christmas. I believe it would be understated; one that is celebrated at Pemberly, her home filled with her immediate family, Darcy, and with their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I would give her a family album of pictures, letters and cards kept from all the years of her life with Darcy and her children. I would have the children sing to her and enact little plays from her life, play piano and bring her small, pretty packages of papergoods and pens. And, I would have someone take a family portrait picture that could be hung on the mantlepiece so she could always remember this special birthday. Birthdays only mean love and family as you grow older, all the other things of the world, though lovely and intriguing, fall away...and life is reduced to its purity: Love.

So exciting to be a part of your book giveaway! I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win! :] (I've kept that little mantra from "The Little Engine That Could" always works for me!) LOL


Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Dear Jane! And thank you so much for the lovely giveaway. I loved your gift and wouldn't it be lovely to have tea in London with Jane? I gave her the gift of time and more quill and ink...to create more stories for us all to enjoy!

Congrats on the new book as well.

Thanks so much,
stilettostorytime at gmail dot com

rainakochan said...

if i could i would give her teh man she always loved, Lefroy, so she can get her happy ending <3 because she deserves it, afterall she is makin so mnay people happy including me , it is her turns

rainakochan said...

i'm sorry i forgot to write my e-mail ;( here is my comment:
if i could i would give her teh man she always loved, Lefroy, so she can get her happy ending <3 because she deserves it, afterall she is makin so many people happy including me , it is her turns + a ticket to come to paris so i can make her and mr Lefroy a tour of paris XD


Dulcyangel said...

Happy Birthday Miss Austen and congratulations to all who celebrate it like a dear friend's birthday. For her birthday I would like to invite Jane to the movies. I want to see together, "Persuasion" 1995. I know I would be amazing to share that moment with her and I think she might like it. My e-mail address is tiernarebeldia@gmail.com

Marilyn Brant said...

Katherine, it's a pleasure! Thanks for coming up with such a great idea ;).

Robin, thank you so much, my friend!! xo

Melora, I would have *loved* for Jane to have written a few more books, too...

Deb, what a lovely comment! Thank you for all your thoughts -- I especially liked this line: "Birthdays only mean love and family as you grow older, all the other things of the world, though lovely and intriguing, fall away...and life is reduced to its purity: Love." You are so right!!

Courtney, definitely more time, quill & ink would be appreciated! And thanks so much for the congrats on the new book ;).

Rainacochan, I think Jane would love your idea of a happy ending and, also, that she would enjoy getting a personal tour of Paris!!

Thanks, again, to everyone for all of your comments -- they've been wonderful!

Marilyn Brant said...

Dulcyangel, our comments posted at the same time!! Thank you so much for yours -- I think it would be great fun to see a film like "Persuasion" with Jane, too. Wouldn't it be wonderful to hear her comments?!

Simone J said...

Dear Jane, if I could give you a present that'd be a date with some gentleman that would really deserve you.

Email: si_karina@hotmail.com

Marilyn Brant said...

Simone, I love your gift idea, and I especially love thinking about what kind of a gentleman would really be deserving of Jane. He'd have to be quite an amazing man!!

IdentitySeeker said...

If I could give Jane Austen a gift, it would be my time machine which I would travel back in time with so that I could yank her fro her own period (which she was too advanced for) and bring her in to our modern-day setting so that she could experience the freedom her society deprived her of. Thanks for this giveaway:)


Unknown said...

Happy birthday, Jane! I would give you a long, healthy life for a present, if I could.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Jane. Thank to make differnce in our lives with your writtings.


Marilyn Brant said...

Sarah, very interesting idea of the time machine for Jane! I would be very curious to know what she would make of our current era!

Marlene, a long and healthy life would be the ultimate gift, wouldn't it?! I wish that for our dear Jane, too...

Beth, thanks for stopping by! Jane did make such a difference in all of our lives -- she was an amazing writer ;).

Marilyn Brant said...

Congratulations to Sophia Rose!! I've just emailed you for your address. I hope you'll enjoy the According to Jane canvas tote bag and the two A Summer in Europe luggage tags!!

To everyone, I LOVED reading your many wonderful comments -- thank you!!! Best wishes to all of you for a very happy holiday season and a joyful 2012! xox

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