Sunday, May 7, 2017

Final Mirabelle Harbor Book - Coming in September!

This fall, it'll be three years since I started writing the Mirabelle Harbor series, and the final book to wrap up the Michaelsen family's (and their friends') romances will be released then!!

To date, there are five books (Take a Chance on Me, The One That I Want, You Give Love a Bad Name, Stranger on the Shore, One Night Love Affair) and one crossover novella (Going for It) in this contemporary romance series. The final two novellas -- Rocket Man & Someone Like You -- will be combined into one book called Coming Home. (Story summary and cover to be revealed soon!!)

This has been such a fun journey as an author, and when I was writing the final pages of the last book, I felt myself missing these characters already... And yet, it's time to give them their happily ever afters, and it's time for me to begin a new project I'm just as exciting to write 😃. Hope you'll be ready for that next adventure, too!!

If you'd like details on the Mirabelle Harbor stories, please check out the series page on my website HERE. Hope you're all having a wonderful May!!

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Stephanie L said...

I'm beyond excited for the new ones and to spend some more time in Mirabelle Harbor. Looking forward to the release Marilyn. Good luck on your next adventure as well!

Marilyn Brant said...

You are the awesomest!!
Thank you for always being so kind, supportive, and just plain wonderful ;) .