Friday, October 30, 2009

Fabulous Friends, Friday Fun & a Fantastic New Release

Fridays are fun--especially when your writing friend Lainey Bancroft has a new release! The Trouble With Tessa (The Wild Rose Press) is the story of Erin Sanders who, at age 35, has resigned herself to a single, childless lifestyle. Then dynamic Tanner walks into her office and proposes that she pretend to date him in order to assess the mental well-being of Tessa, his orphaned niece. Erin falls hard and fast for the man. As an added bonus, she and the delightful Tessa come to adore each other. But like all things too good to be true, she discovers her perfect stud may be a perfectly deceptive dud.

The Trouble With Tessa was a First Place Winner (yay!) in the single-title category of the San Antonio Romance Authors Merritt "Magic Moments" Contest last year. But now you can get it on Amazon (click here) or on The Wild Rose Press website (click here), and at many other bookstores. WAY TO GO, LAINEY!!!! I'm thrilled for you and wish you many, many sales!

A week ago, I got the chance to visit Ruth, lovely B&N bookseller and YMCA friend (who works out more often and far more effectively than I do!), and I discovered that she'd chosen According to Jane as a "Staff Pick" at the Vernon Hills B&N. Even more exciting, she put my book right next to Nick Hornby's Juliet, Naked!!! I get to sit next to Nick--someone who loves '80s music as much as I do! (Or, rather, Jane gets to sit next to Juliet...but you know what I mean.) Just to prove it, I had to take a picture. Thanks so much, Ruth, you're a sweetie. :-)

Also last Friday, I had a really nice coffee date (although it was far too short...) with three friends I hadn't seen all together since our time at the Jane Austen Society conference last fall. (Pictured L to R: Elaine, Abigail and Pamala.) The occasion was a celebration of Elaine's visit from Switzerland. (Yes, she gets to live in the beautiful land of Alps and Swiss chocolate...I'm only a little envious--LOL--"Take me back with you, Elaine!") So, she flew in, and Pamala Knight, Abigail Reynolds, Elaine and I got to chat all together...at a bookstore, of course, where it is reported that they had very tasty pumpkin bread, indeed.

Next week, I have the honor of being the author guest on Jennifer Crusie's Cherry Forums. According to Jane was chosen as the Cherry Forums Book Club Pick for the first half of November! So, if you are up for a book discussion, or you just want to stop by to say hello, please join us :).

Incidentally, I'm fairly new to the book-club thing. Not that I didn't read and discuss a lot of novels in college classes or informally with friends, but I've never been a part of an actual Book Club. Being that I'm going to be involved in four of them during the month of November alone, I feel as though I ought to get some tips or something. For those of you who have book-clubbed before, do you have any suggestions for me??

Finally, Happy Halloweeeeeen to everyone! May your trick-or-treat bags overflow with whatever your favorite goodies are this weekend. I have a bit of a weakness for those Snickers miniatures...well, and black licorice twists...and, um, also those cherry Starbursts...really, everything in a wrapper...


Maria Geraci said...

Friends are the best part of life, aren't they?

Thanks for your fun Friday post (love the book placement for Jane and congrats on the Cherry pick!)!!

Pamala Knight said...

First, congrats to Lainey on her release. I'm off to go do a little online shopping and will add her to my basket.

Next, it is always good to see you and I was glad we could have our beverages and pumpkin bread together.

You are going to be quite the busy book-clubbing bee, my friend. At the book club that I belong to (Read 'Em and Eat Bookclub named because we meet at a new restaurant each time), it's usually part class atmosphere where we talk about themes, plot, characterizations and how effectively the author got their message across. The rest of it might be mini-critique group--if there was something in the text that detracted from the narrative, if the storytelling was sluggish, if we hated/loved the hero/heroine, etc. You get the picture. But above all, bookclub people do love to read and that's the key. My group is always really excited if we get the author, so I'm sure your experiences will be good.

Happy Friday and I'm off to add to my stash of Halloween candy in preparation for the horde of trick or treaters I'm expecting tomorrow.


Marilyn Brant said...

Maria~it's funny how in high school and college you think friends are important, and they ARE, but I've come to believe they're even MORE important now... Thanks for being one of mine :).

Pamala~I've gotta tell you, I LOVE the name of your book club!! That's inspired! Thanks for explaining how your group structures the meetings--it helped give me an idea of how the evening might work. Have fun with the horde of revelers tomorrow (and be sure to save a few chocolate faves for yourself ;).

Pamela Cayne said...

And your fabulous fall just keeps rolling on, doesn't it? Hooray--you deserve every wonderful part of it!

Congrats to Lainey and her wonderful release--must talk to her about more self-promotion on Facebook, though! ;-)

See you over on the Cherry Forums!

3laine said...

It was so lovely to see you, Marilyn. Any time you want to visit, let me know ;).

I read According to Jane on the flight back and enjoyed it very much! Such fun.

Trip back was fine, although both Pamala and Abigail had to deal with my energetic coughing... I seem to have caught something or other... next time, I hope to be well!!!

I love the name of your group too, P. I need to find a book group here that reads lots of fiction...in English of course.

Not so much Halloween here, however. So have fun, all of you!

lainey bancroft said...

You look so Mahvelous on that shelf, dahling! (I'm shopping in the 'big city *snort* a half hour away tomorrow and will score a picture of Jane's shelf placement there! =)

And you are Marvelous Marilyn in too many ways to count and I am...speechless. (Hugs and then some)

(and more ((hugs)) to Pamala and of course to ((Pom Pom Pam))

I feel so...real getting a nod here on Brant Flakes. sniff*sniff.


Marilyn Brant said...

Pamela~Oh, yay! I'm glad I'll get to see you in Cherryland :).

Elaine~Glad you enjoyed the story and am sorry to hear about the coughing!! Hope you're feeling better now...

Lainey~SO glad to get to celebrate a little with you! What a fun book premise, too--I *love* the line: "her perfect stud may be a perfectly deceptive dud" LOL!

Jen said...

Wonderful fun! I hope your book-clubbing goes well! I've never been involved in one either, though it is something I'm considering.

Happy Monday,

Marilyn Brant said...

Jen, thank you! I've been enjoying the online book-clubbing so far and look forward to the live and in-person version, too!! If you try it for yourself, please let me know how it goes :).