Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blog, Baby, Blog

Being that I just went live with my website (please stop by--I'm at http://www.marilynbrant.com/) and more public with my blog, helpful friends have taken to emailing me jokes, anecdotes and/or links to provokative topics, all sent under the header "Let's Give Her Something To Blog About." And, yes, one witty friend actually used those exact words as her subject line. Gotta love her.

Make no mistake, I'm grateful for all the assistance and, I suspect, my neighbors will be relieved to have my attention diverted from them for a few days. (Only for few days, however. You should see what they're up to in the cul-de-sac now...) But it did lead me to wonder, what is blog-worthy?

The things that interest me (i.e., the curious behavior of convenience-store shoppers, the waitress at my favorite breakfast place who clearly has a secret crush on the oblivious-but-rather-hot Russian waiter, the merits of smooth, dark Swiss chocolate vs. English-made, milk chocolate Cadburys, etc.) might not be to everyone's taste. It's not something I'm overly concerned about. It's my page, I'll blog what I want to.

But, being that I'm also interested in what fascinates those of you in Bloggerworld, I'd love to know: Of all the blog posts you've read, which one (or two) had a topic that was most memorable to you?

Here's mine: I read a post once on significantly changing your appearance after marriage (i.e., a wife cutting her long hair or coloring it very differently, a husband getting an obvious piercing or tattoo, either one gaining lots of weight, etc.) and whether making a change like this without the other spouse's permission was "fair"... Lots of arguing ensued and no definitive conclusions were reached but, boy, did that topic stick with me and make me think twice before going to the hair salon.

So, what were some of your favorites?


Nadine said...

Hey Marylin,

Congrats on the site launch, and good luck with going public with the blog! I'm not the most loyal of commentators on other peopl's blogs, but have made a mid year resolution (what? They're just as good as the new year ones....) do that more often since I do so love comments on my own blog...

What do I like to read about most? Hmm... I love sneak peaks into the writing lives of others, maybe 'aha' moments of the craft when those happen... funny listen-to-this stories of the authors' lives, and just general musings about life.

Marilyn Brant said...

Hi Nadine, it's great to see you here!

It's funny you mentioned mid-year resolutions...I always make new ones (or modify my old ones) on July 1st, which means, well, tomorrow.

All I know for sure is that I'm definitely modifying that fitness-program goal...

Karen Dale Harris said...


Blogging? Hmmm...

I'm just impressed that you or any other author finds the time. Since your posts are entertinaing, I'm doubly impressed.

I do have a complaint, though. Some of us are trying to lose a few pounds. Talk of a 'Chocolate Cafe' is NOT helping.

Sarah said...

Hey pal - thanks for the love. :) I'm interested in hearing craft aha moments too! But of course I'm also relationship girl, so that stuff is interesting...and just anything YOU have to say. hug