Monday, April 19, 2010

Contest Winners!

Racing. I have just been racing all last week, during the weekend, today... It's one of those odd time periods when I have too much packed into it without even the excuse of it being "the holidays" or a book-release week. Maybe it's simply more often this way as we get older and have more to juggle??? I don't know. I'm open to theories if anybody has one to share...LOL.

Anyway, I have the winning names for my latest contest and they are (drumroll):
Tonya Kappes for a signed copy of According to Jane
Robin Bielman for The Book of Appetizers
Virginia C for the hardcover blank writing journal with the world map design

Congrats, ladies!! I truly hope you'll enjoy them ;). I'll be in touch to get your mailing address, but if you see this post before I email you, you can send it to me here: marilynbrant AT gmail DOT com.

Also, many thanks to the lovely Brittany Roshelle for hosting an interview with me on her blog! Please check it out if you have a chance.

Hope you all have a wonderful start to the week. It's a busy one for me (and for some of you, too, for the same reason!) because Spring Fling is this coming weekend! I just have to say--Pamala Knight and June Sproat have been incredible organizers. I'm really looking forward to this conference and getting to enjoy all of the speakers, workshops, etc. they have planned. And the Bookseller/Librarian event with the Chocolate Reception--can't wait!!!

FYI: There's also going to be a free-to-the-public multi-author booksigning on Saturday the 24th from 4:30pm to 6:00pm. I'll be there along with about 50 other authors. So, if you happen to be in the Deerfield, Illinois area, please stop by to say hello!


Edie Ramer said...

Congrats to the winners! I wish I were going to Spring Fling. It's so close, but WisRWA's conference is in a few weeks. My CP and co-blogger, Liz Kreger, will be at Spring Fling. I'll tell her to look for you.

Pamela Cayne said...

Congrats to Tonya, Robin, and Virginia! What a great Monday! :-D

Virginia C said...

Thank you so much! I have emailed my info : )

Marilyn Brant said...

Oh, Edie, I wish you were coming! One of these conferences--hopefully soon--I'm looking forward to finally meeting you :). Will definitely keep an eye out for Liz this weekend!!

Thanks, Pamela! *squeeze* (virtually, at least until Friday ;)

Virginia~You're very welcome! I'll get the prizes mailed out soon...

And I forgot to mention this in today's post, but the winners also get a 3-pack of Starbucks VIA!

Tonya Kappes said...

WOW Marilyn!! Thank you sooooo much! I am so excited!

Robin said...

Yay! Thanks so much, Marilyn! I love cookbooks, so I'm very excited.

Have a wonderful rest of the week and a terrific time at Spring Fling!!

Marilyn Brant said...

Tonya, you're welcome!! I hope you'll enjoy the book ;).

Robin, LOL!! I'm hoping you'll find a few new recipe experiments to blog about!

lainey bancroft said...

Congrats contest winners! What fun prizes.

Sounds like you're going to have a blast at the Spring Fling, Marilyn. I so wish I lived close enough to visit.

Nancy J. Parra said...

Hi Marilyn,

can't wait to see you Sat at Spring Fling! Cheers~

Michelle said...

Marilyn, have fun at the Spring Fling! Good luck at the big book signing, too. It sounds better to me that one you have to do all on your own. Looking forward to that one, NOT :) .

Marilyn Brant said...

Lainey~I wish we lived closer, too! I'd love to meet you in person :).

Nancy, looking forward to seeing you again!!

Michelle, thank you! This will be my first big signing... I think it'll be a lot of fun (and I hope you're right that it'll be less anxiety-producing than doing one alone ;). I'm sure you'll do wonderfully at yours!!!