Saturday, October 8, 2011

Versatile Blogging

Many thanks to lovely writers Jill Thomas and Brittany Roshelle for both bestowing the honor of this blog award on me -- it's most appreciated! In accordance with the rules, here are 7 things about me that you may not know:

1. Autumn is my very favorite season.

2. No matter how carefully I chew popcorn, it always gets stuck between my teeth and it drives me crazy. I have to floss right away.

3. I really wanted to visit Yugoslavia when I was in Europe, but it's a country I didn't get to see because of the war going on there at the time.

4. My husband and son understand the humor of "The Three Stooges," but I don't really get it. They laugh at me a lot because of this.

5. I don't enjoy board games and avoid playing them at all costs.

6. When I was in school, I studied a bunch of different foreign languages (French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and a few more), but -- except for French -- I only took them for a semester or two each, so I only know how to ask things like, "Where is the train station?" and "Do you have chocolate here?" (You know, the important questions...)

7. All of you probably know this one about me because I was so happy when I first read it that I already FB'ed and Tweeted it everywhere (*grin*), but my first official book review for A Summer in Europe was from Publishers Weekly. Just in case you missed it, they wrote: "Brant’s newest...distinguishes itself with a charismatic leading man and very funny supporting cast, especially the wonderful elderly characters with their resonant message about living life to the fullest." I celebrated with ice cream and a little jig around my office, LOL.

I'm sharing this blog award with all of you reading this. If you have time and would like to write 7 things about yourselves, I would most certainly love to read them!!

And, on the subject of versatile blogging, I'm going to be in 2 places on Monday: Austen Authors (talking about reviewers) and the Girlfriends Book Club (talking about why, exactly, we write). Hope you'll stop by. Happy Columbus Day Weekend!!


Edie Ramer said...

I'll just share one thing you don't know about me. I'm a sugar-holic. If I don't get a sugar fix a least a couple times a day, I start feeling shaky. It's pathetic.

Oh, and I'm the same way about popcorn.

Caryn Caldwell said...

Congrats on your reward! It was fun to learn more things about you. :-) I have the same problem with popcorn, and I'm not a fan of the Three Stooges either! They just aren't funny to me.

JOAN REEVES aka SlingWords said...

Congratulations on the award, Marilyn, and on the lovely PW review.

Had to laugh at the foreign language insight. I always told the kids to learn these 2 things in the language of the country in which they wished to travel: (1) Where's the bathroom? (2) Please take me to the American embassy.

Best wishes,
Joan Reeves

Marilyn Brant said...

Edie, I'm so with you on the sugar-holic thing. I try -- all the time -- to stop eating it, or even cut down a bit. Never works...

Caryn, thank you! And you've made me feel so much better about not getting the Stooges! So glad I'm not the only one ;).

Joan, LOL about the foreign language sentences!! I remember adding that first one to my must-learn phrase, but I should've learned that second one and never did. If ever I get to Europe again, that'll be at the top of my list!

Maria Geraci said...

Argh! Sorry I missed your blog on GFBC:( This deadline has me bleary eyed. Congrats on the blogging award. And I love the PW review. Can't wait to get my hands on the book!

Robin said...

I love learning more about you, Marilyn. :) I'm very impressed with your language skills, regardless of the time spent on each. I took three years of Spanish and I'm hopeless.

Marilyn Brant said...

Maria, thank you so much! I know how stressful the race to the deadline can be. Hang in there!! xox

Robin, you should definitely NOT be impressed with my language skills, LOL. If you want to know where the post office is in Italian or how to order a 2-scoop gelato cone, I might be able to help you out, but that's about the extent of my useful phrases!! p.s. When am I going to hear about your trip to Australia when you were 13?

Jill Thomas said...

OMSS (oh, my Soul Sister), I don't get the stooges thing either! My idea of torture? Being forced to watch the stooges while eating popcorn with no dental floss! My idea of heaven? Watching any Gerard Butler film with Gerard Butler and having Gerard Butler floss my teeth. ;) xoxoxo

Marilyn Brant said...

LOL, Jill!!!!
I am SO with you on the Gerard Butler thing. What's not to love about that man?! Yeah...I'd enjoy flossing if he were to help ;).