Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another Bad-Dog Book

Virtual confetti today to my friend Joni B. Cole on the release of her fabulous and funny collection of essays, Another Bad-Dog Book: Tales of Life, Love, and Neurotic Human Behavior (Publishing Works).

About the book, Publishers Weekly wrote: "Despite its title, this collection of personal essays from Cole (Toxic Feedback) is not a dog book, and only the title essay concerns the author's Chihuahua mix. Instead, this is a person book, and its scope is personal, for better or worse. Cole shares her most private thoughts: her worries that her husband is not her "best friend"; her obsession with her previous book's Amazon.com rankings; her shock, after friend-ing her high school crush on Facebook, only to discover that he is an aggressive poster of right-wing rants... Nevertheless, by the end of this friendly, honest book, the reader will feel much affection for Cole, her little brood, and her bad dog."

Congrats, Joni!!!

I've had the pleasure of reading it early, and it's such funny, delightful and honest collection. Hope you'll pick it up ;).


Brittany Roshelle said...

Congratulations Joni Cole!! It sounds like a hilarious read!

Brittany Roshelle, The Write Stuff Blog

Marilyn Brant said...

Thanks for celebrating Joni's release, Brittany!! It *is* very funny ;). Wishing you a wonderful week!