Thursday, June 26, 2008

Different Tastes

My husband and I found ourselves with two hours of uninterrupted time while our son was taking a class this morning. We had somewhere to be before and after, and we were already dressed and out of the house, so we wandered over to a local coffee shop. As we were waiting for our orders, we listened to the piped-in music.

Husband: (grimacing as the song played) I hate stuff like this.
Me: But it's from the '80s! The Cutting Crew. "One for the Mockingbird." It's not like it's one of those New Millennium Bands With Whiny Lead Singers that you always complain about. And it isn't rap, so...?
Husband: (still grimacing) I would've flipped the station on this.
Me: Even back then?
Husband: Oh, yeah. Back then. And now.
Me: (shrugging) Whatever.

So, we talked some more and drank our coffees--my husband having ordered "a small black decaf" and I having ordered "a large mocha-caramel latte thing" (after making sure it was fully caffeinated and made with extra chocolate syrup and whipped cream). We finished and we still had an hour before we needed to grab our son.

My husband, clearly sick of defending his musical preferences, said, "I've got an antique shop I want to take you to. It's got this cool Colt and a really amazing unmarked Derringer." (These are weapons, by the way. Civil War era guns. Objects that never fails to excite my history-teaching spouse. I, by contrast, prefer to look at antique items like, oh...teapots and calligraphy sets.) "And," he added enthusiastically, "the music there is great."

I raised my eyebrows at this, but we went. And the Colt, the Derringer and even the Winchester (a rifle, but I always think of those boys on the show "Supernatural" :-) were to my husband's liking. The music, this moody 1950s stuff (not the fun, boppy songs I associate with beach movies; not Buddy Holly or Elvis), was most decidedly NOT to my liking.

Husband: What did you think?
Me: (wincing) About the guns?
Husband: (rolling his eyes) About the music.
Me: Oh. I would've flipped the station.

Yeah. Been married 15 years. It's good we have other things in common.


Pamala Knight said...

Thanks for sharing that gem about your husband, Marilyn. It's amazing how it's not the 'sameness' that draws us to them and sometimes even keeps us together, but the differences and our ability to appreciate them.

Pam said...

If I would have been trapped in a store with the moody 1950's music, one of those antique guns would have been used. Give me the 80s any day!

And a standing ovation to you for ordering your "large mocha-caramel latte thing." I don't even like coffee and it sounds good.

Marilyn Brant said...

Pamala--you're so right about being drawn to the differences. In core values he and I are quite similar, but--oh--in those areas of "general preference"...

Pam--LOL about the moody 50s music leading you grab an antique gun :). I'll remember that next time and threaten my DH accordingly!

Sandra Ferguson said...

50s are fine, but it needs to be great harmony or Elvis. 70s and the 80s, well those are my eras so there is no such thing as bad music. With my hubby and I, it can be the whole food thing -- I want Mexican and he craves Italian, but somehow it always works out. My, personally, that just means I should get to go out to dinner more often, right?

Have a great writing week.

Marilyn Brant said...

Sandra--LOVE your solution to the food debate! Hope you have a great week, too--in writing and in all things :).

L.A. Mitchell said...

I can tell why you don't write historicals now. Although you have a perfect resource in-house, you hit the antique store and head for teapots :)

He REALLY wouldn't like my music. As long as he doesn't snap off KU, which is a travesty around here, he's good in my book.

Marilyn Brant said...

L.A.--he doesn't flip stations on KU only because both me AND our son are fans and there would be vocal uproar... But this is why I go to concerts with my most excellent brother, instead :-).

Brett said...

You just keep listening to that wonderful music from the 80's despite his protests. :)

Bernie and I have very different tastes in some areas too -- including food -- he's a lot pickier, and doesn't like onions. But since I do most of the cooking, I can't help but mix in some finely diced onions once in a while. He doesn't usually complain as long as they're not "crunchy". :)

Maureen McGowan said...

Great little snippit :-)

Marilyn Brant said...

Brett--how about you try to make him that hot-n-spicy version of green pepper casserole, eh?

And, thanks, Maureen :).

Cindy Procter-King said...

Having things in common with the husband is highly overrated, Marilyn. Loved this story!