Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My One-Year Anniversary...

...of blogging!

I know, I know, my once-a-week posts are painfully infrequent by the standards of most serious bloggers. Kind of on par with my one year of adherence to a low-sugar diet in which I follow it, roughly, one day out of every 7-10. In other words, not a bad thing but, possibly, not especially effective either.

Then again, "effectiveness" is relative.

I developed a habit, which was nonexistent before. I met online a great many other bloggers. And I got to know my fellow writing friends better through their blog musings and their comments on mine.

So, while I hope to increase the frequency of my posts ("hope" being the operative word, not "promise" :-), I've had a good first year. And I thank all of you who are reading this for being a part of it.


Eliza said...

Congratulations! May we be treated to many more insightful posts :)

Sarah said...

Woo woo! Go friend go! spj

L.A. Mitchell said...

Happy Blogger Anniversary, girl!

I SO enjoy popping over here. Keeps us closer since SOME of us won't be in San Fran this summer ;)

Marilyn Brant said...

Thanks, Ladies! It's been a pleasure spending my 1st Blogger-Year with you!

Nadine said...

Congrats Marylin! It's a big milestone... When I look back and realize I've been bloggin for just over 2 years, I can't get believe it. When I started I had no idea how I'd manage to come up with enough topics, bet hey, with a little dilgence we manage, and it's too much fun to quit!