Monday, March 31, 2008

Not on the Road Again

We spent a whirlwind week speeding through the Colonial highlights of Virginia, the patriotic sites of D.C. and Philadelphia and, yes, even visiting the giant Air Force Museum in Ohio. Of our family's Spring Break Adventure, I'll say this: The joys of travel are many, but the delight (and relief) in returning home is unparalleled.

And by admitting this--by so much as feeling such a sentiment--I realize (as those of you in the Blogsphere may not) that I have turned into my mother.

After a history of backpacking overseas for months or roadtripping through the U.S. and Canada... After an undisclosed number of decades fighting against my beloved mom's desire to spend vacations "relaxing at home" (How dull! I'd declared as a teen and throughout my 20s)... After a fierce dedication to mastering linguistic skills that allowed me to ask vital questions like "How much for a double-chocolate ice cream cone?" in Italian, French or Swedish; being able to decipher street signs to find a Turkish bazaar in Kusadasi; and navigating my driving hubby through the chaotic streets of Boston, Atlanta and Montreal... After honing all of these pro-travel skills, I seriously just want to stay home next Spring Break.

And should I forget this next March...would you all please remind me?

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L.A. Mitchell said...

So glad you're back home safely.

I'm a traveling wimp. All I could think about in Jamaica was walking through the ghetto after taking a wrong turn and thinking I may get konked over the head and wind up on a sandy beach face down. :O