Monday, November 5, 2007

Tastes Change

Under the unofficial heading of How Small Things Can Sometimes Symbolize Big Things, I was reflecting on my pizza toppings this afternoon.

I've always loved a multicolored veggie pizza. Still do. Mushrooms, black olives, green (and/or red) peppers, a little onion, tomato chunks, the occasional dash of spinach...it's all good. So, I ordered one of those for lunch today at my favorite local coffee/sandwich shop, and it was terrific. Really. Only problem? It wasn't what I had a taste for.

Mentally, I'd been so sure of myself going into this lunch. So certain of my dining preferences. I'd seen someone else order this very same entree just a few days ago, and it'd been on my mind ever since as "the next thing I'd get." But I must not have been listening to my little internal voice today because I dismissed the impulse telling me to order the chicken panini or, maybe, the mango salad instead. And, so, I went with an old standby that wasn't a bad choice, it just wasn't the right one...

Can't help but think I've done something similar far more often than I should've lately.


Eliza said...

V. curious. We're going to have to chat about this soon.

L.A. Mitchell said...

I really relate to this. I'm a structured, habitual, devoted person. I find something I adore and it's hard to deviate from it because I like to go with the sure-thing. Great post, M.

Sara Daniel said...

The problem with second guessing yourself is if you had gone with your chicken panni impulse, would you be wishing you'd gone with the muticolored veggie pizza instead?? The grass is always greener on the other side . . . or in this case, the food's always fresher. :)

Sara Daniel