Thursday, November 15, 2007

Party Girl Envy

I suspect I'm just not much of a Party Girl, no matter how I try to overcome or camouflage it. This lack of enthusiasm for wild celebrations feels like a kind of personality defect or, at least, my very extraverted son would probably think so if he could put his confusion into words. As it is, he looks at me amidst the chaos of some social gathering, his head tilted slightly to the left, his expression utterly perplexed, and he says things like, "Mommy, aren't you having fun?"

No. Fun would not be the right word.

I say this having (almost) recovered from an enormous (for me) birthday party in which 17 (mostly well-behaved) children ran around a gymnastics center as if they were zoo animals released into the Serengeti. Five days later, the memory of this event still lingers, much like the smears of bright orange and red cupcake frosting I keep finding on my son's clothing.

It's not that I'm antisocial. I really love talking to people. Individually. Or in very small groups. Frequently with coffee standing by. This is nice. This is fun. This is the kind of "party" I enjoy and appreciate.

But, somehow, I don't think my son will want to go to Starbucks with me and a couple of my good friends for his next birthday party. Pity...


L.A. Mitchell said...

Kindred spirits, I tell ya. First K, now this. I know exactly how you feel. I used to lay out the entirely wrong first impression of snobbery in my earlier days. I've tried to correct that, but I feel uncomfortable in crowds of people I don't know.

Maureen McGowan said...

I think many of we writers are introverts at heart. I'm an introvert who can do a fake extrovert pretty well... but I, too, need recovery time.

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

I am with you Marilyn! I feel that I am really extroverted and interesting in a small group of people...give me a big group and I go silent...I hate having everyone stare at me too!

BTW, TAG! I have tagged you for a meme over on my blog: http://donasarkar.blogspot.com/

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Darling friend - I will always have coffee with you and invite but not expect you at big parties, not to torture but to let you know you are loved and wanted. :) I'm home from TX - happy thanksgiving! spj