Monday, January 9, 2012

The Final Stretch of a Virtual Grand Euro

Today and tomorrow are the last two stops on my six-week-long virtual Grand European Tour... Can't believe it! It's been such a joy journeying around the Internet, talking about these cities I love and (often!) the delicious food you can find there. Today, I have the pleasure of being at Nicole Basaraba's Uni-Verse-City blog and getting to chat about the beautiful city of Brussels, Belgium. This is especially exciting because, right now, Nicole LIVES in Brussels!!! So, it was great fun to get to ask her a few questions about a city I enjoyed visiting and one she's come to know extremely well.

Tomorrow, the final stop will be at Chick Lit Central for a visit to...well, from the photo to the right, I'm sure you guessed it! Yes, Paris -- land of wine and brie, my favorite Woody Allen film and some of the most recognizable sites in the Western world. Hope you'll join me as I finish out my travel adventures this week.

In other news, I got two reviews this weekend that were complete surprises but both very lovely and most welcome.

The first was for On Any Given Sundae, which was reviewed by Laci at Romancing the Book. She gave it a "Rose that Rules All: Magnificent" rating and wrote: "I absolutely positively ADORED this book. From beginning to end, it kept me grinning like an idiot, giggling, and biting my lip in anticipation at the characters. You gotta give credit to Marilyn Brant for coming up with a cast of characters that you might be able to find in your own hometown...I loved this book so much I immediately went to Amazon and bought 2 of the author’s other books. I have no doubts that they will be just as funny." Who wouldn't LOVE a review like that?!! I'm still smiling :).

The second was for A Summer in Europe, which was a short but official mention. Just the fact that it appeared in the "Romance Reviews: January" listing of the Chicago Tribune , in an article by John Charles, alongside new novels by Eloisa James, Jayne Ann Krentz, Connie Brockway, Robyn Carr, Teresa Medeiros and other authors in whose company I'm thrilled to be included...well, that was pretty exciting, too!!

So, even though there are other issues swirling around us in "real life" that are less than delightful, these were certainly weekend brighteners for me. What about you? How was your weekend? Any plans for the upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. three-day weekend? Hope all is going well where you are.


Edie Ramer said...

I'd be surprised if you didn't get rave reviews! Go, you!

Our weekend was quieter than last with my sister and bil not staying with us. We saw We Bought A Zoo. I enjoyed it a lot and we left smiling. My husband enjoyed it but not as much as I did.

Marilyn Brant said...

Edie, thank you :). I've heard that was a really fun movie. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I'm going to have to see it, too.

Caryn Caldwell said...

Wonderful news on the reviews! Yay! Not that I'm surprised, of course! I loved the books, too. :-D

This past weekend we celebrated a belated Christmas with my brother and his wife. Next weekend? Hubby's working, and my daughter doesn't take holidays off so it's business as usual for us. Hope you have something fun planned!

Marilyn Brant said...

Caryn, thanks so much!! Glad you were able to have a fun family get together this last weekend ;). We pretty much hung around at home and will, most likely, do the same thing this weekend. Not that I mind! Apparently, a big snowstorm is coming, so it'll be nice to hibernate a little...