Friday, April 15, 2011

Split Personality (+ yay to Maria and Nancy!)

Happy Friday!

First, a HUGE CONGRATS to Maria Geraci and Nancy J. Parra, both fabulous writers and wonderful friends, on their new book sales to Berkley this week!!!!!! I could not be more pleased for you ;). Everybody, please take a moment and do a little happy dance for these two ladies -- we need to help 'em celebrate!

Today, in between happy dancing, you'll find me in two places at once -- well, three, if you count right here. I'm at Austen Authors talking about the art of the snappy comeback in literature and film (particularly in those stories written by our dear Jane). And I'm also at Magical Musings blogging about imagination and anxiety -- flip sides of the same coin, in my opinion.

Hope you'll stop by and visit one or both spots. And here's wishing every one of you a fun and relaxing weekend!! (p.s. In Maria and Nancy's honor, we should make time for some chocolate and champagne, too, right?! :)


Edie Ramer said...

Congrats to your two friends! I just went over to Nancy's book and read her excerpt. Really enjoyed it. I'll have to check out Maria's, too.

Hope you have a fab weekend as well.

Pamela Cayne said...

I've been Snoopy dancing since I heard--congrats to both Nancy and Maria!

Happy weekend to all, and Miss Marilyn, take some time for yourself, k? You've been very busy and I suspect next weekend is going to be busy too. Don't make me take away your Bon Jovi albums if you don't behave!

Robin said...

Huge congrats to Maria and Nancy!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Marilyn!

Maria Geraci said...

Thank you so much, Marilyn!

Pamala Knight said...

Woot! Congratulations to Maria and Nancy!!! I'm off to check out your post, Miss Marilyn. I agree with Pamela, you should take some time for yourself this weekend if you can. Busy bee doesn't even come close to describing you.

Caryn Caldwell said...

That's great news! Congratulations to both of them. :-)

Marilyn Brant said...

Edie~thanks so much for your comments on AuAu and MM, too! Here, we are actually getting SNOW today! I hope you haven't gotten the same...

Pamela~thanks for the wise and caring advice, and I promise to follow it because I'm in desperate need of listening to my Bon Jovi albums ;).

Robin~hope you're having a wonderful weekend, too!

Maria~you're SO welcome!!! Can't stop smiling for you!! :-)

Pamala~yeah, you've heard me whine a bit (a lot) over the past few months about the workload. It's really insane, but I'm trying to pull back a little now that those copy-edits are in ;).

Caryn~yes, it definitely *is* great news!! Hope you've having a lovely weekend!