Monday, September 27, 2010

Q&As and More Giveaways!

More interviews and giveaways today in celebration of the Friday Mornings at Nine release tomorrow! Friends have been so gracious in hosting me, I feel I should be bringing chocolate treats as hostess gifts all around the Blogosphere ;). Thanks so much, ladies!!

Coincidentally, three of the places I'm at today have wonderful women whose names begin with 'M' (my fave letter, you know!). You can find me visiting:
Malena Lott at Book End Babes
Melissa Amster at Chick Lit Central
Maria Geraci at Writing Romance in the Closet

Back tomorrow with more fun tour stops *and* a VERY EXCITING giveaway for everyone that I can finally announce in the morning...


Edie Ramer said...

If only you weren't a member of Magical Musings now, you could guest blog at another M place. lol

I hope you have a fabulous release day! I haven't put books on my Goodreads yet, but I'll put yours up tonight.

Melina said...

Congratulations on your new book! I've been waiting (not so patiently) for it. :-)

Hope you're celebrating with lots of chocolate and yummy coffee drinks!

tonya kappes said...

YAY for today!!!!

Marilyn Brant said...

Edie~I tell ya, the ONLY think I regret about having joined MM is that I no longer qualify for those great giveaways!! :)

Melina~thank you! And yes and yes to celebrating with coffee and chocolate!

Tonya~oh, thanks so much for celebrating with me!!! Hope you have a wonderful one, too!

Caryn said...

I LOVE those little Ghiradelli squares. They were recently on sale, and I bought an embarrassing number of bags of them. Then I dumped them all in a gallon size Ziploc (they barely fit) and swirled them around. Now I randomly pick one and have it as a treat each night before bed. Yum! Sorry...I'm already looking forward to that moment tonight. Can you tell? Just me, a book, and some chocolate. *sigh* Well, and my husband, too, I guess...

Have fun on your tour! Glad you're getting so much coverage. Oh, and happy release day!!! :-)

Marilyn Brant said...

Caryn, you are SO good! I LOVE those Ghirardelli squares, too...and I can't keep them in the house for longer than 24 hours because I will just keep eating one after another after another... ;) xo