Thursday, September 23, 2010

Book Giveaways and Q&As Around the Blogosphere

The Friday Mornings at Nine pre-release frenzy is building...and I've been so lucky to get to visit online friends all across the Blogosphere with even more fun coming soon!

Today, I'm a guest on two fabulous Girlfriends' blogs: Brenda Janowitz and Wendy Nelson Tokunaga!! Thank you, ladies ;).

And I just found out there's a Romance Reader at Heart book giveaway, with Friday Mornings at Nine as one of the prizes! How nice is that? There will be five packages given away and mine is in package #2 along with these wonderful authors below:

From the site:
WINNER #2 gets swept away into...

"INFAMOUS" by Suzanne Brockmann
"HOME AGAIN" by Mariah Stewart
"PERFECT BLEND" by Sue Margolis

Finally, for those who are Goodreads members, there are 5 advanced reading copies of my upcoming novel being given away there (contest details are here) and two days left to enter still... Fresh Fiction has continual contests, too, but this one is the most recent. Hope lots of people win stuff!!

There will be more coming up soon... Wishing everyone a great day!


Edie Ramer said...

How cool is all this pre-frenzy flurry! I just joined Goodreads the other day. I think I put one book on my shelf but haven't had a chance to say anything about it. Maybe I'll try to do 3 books at a time.

Yours will be first!

Marilyn Brant said...

Hey, Edie ;). I'm glad you joined Goodreads -- it's fun! -- and I've learned about quite a few new books as a result. Plus, then we can spread the word about Cattitude, which is wonderful!

Michelle Diener said...

Marilyn, I'm hoping you'll give me pre-release frenzy advice when the time comes. And I also just joined GoodReads, and friended you both. :)

Pamela Cayne said...

Boy, this gives me reason to get my Goodreads account active again! And congrats on the wonderful blog buzz--can't wait until Tuesday!!!

Nancy J. Parra said...

Hi Marilyn, yay and best of luck with your pre-frenzy flurry. :)

I used your name on my daily web blog today. Just wanted to pop in and say thanks! Cheers~

Robin said...

It's so great to see Friday Mornings at Nine all around the blogosphere! Enjoy all the fun! Sending virtual chocolate to give you a boost during this busy time. :)

Marilyn Brant said...

Michelle~thank you for the GR friending!! And, oh, honey...we'll talk. Not sure how helpful my advice for handling the pre-release frenzy will be ("First thing, get yourself a very large bowl. Second thing, fill it to the top with M&Ms..." ;), but I'm *always* here for you if you have a question on any part of the process.

Pamela~you know I think you're pretty awesome. Just wanted to reiterate that ;). xo

Nancy~thank YOU! I'm looking forward to checking out your post in a minute!!

Robin~I *love* virtual chocolate! It has NO calories...and since I've been eating SO much of the stuff packed FULL of calories, this is much, much healthier -- thank you ;).

Oh, you all...thanks for being so supportive and sweet. I wish you a wonderful weekend and will look forward to sharing all the nuttiness of the next 2 weeks with you!! (Probably will be enough to drive you all into hiding... :)