Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Everything Austen and The Seekers

I'm happy to say, I finally got to enjoy a few "Everything Austen Challenges" in the past week! I'd wanted to watch (again, but it's been a while) the Keira & Matthew movie version of "Pride & Prejudice" from 2005. Love the energy! That was something I'd noticed the first time I saw the film: the cast and the director really captured the energy and youthfulness of Darcy, Elizabeth and all the characters in the book. Much as I adore the Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle version, that was a more sedate production and, sometimes, it's nice to see a bunch of young people acting their age...

Also, I've been waiting for just the right time--which turned out to be this week--to sit down and enjoy all five issues of the Marvel Comics P&P limited-edition series. What fun! (And *Mwah!* once again to the fabulous Pamela Cayne for introducing these to me.) While it wasn't at all the same reading experience as getting cozy with an Austen novel, my first serious foray into the world of comics proved utterly delightful... And my husband (Batman fan) and my son (Spiderman-obsessed child) found it ceaselessly entertaining this summer that I was the one always asking to stop at the comic book stores in our area so I could collect the full set.

To flesh out my week's trio of Austen-esque activities, I did one thing that was NOT on my original "Challenge" list: I ordered some items, for the first time, from The Jane Austen Centre in Bath, England. None of these items were overly extravagant, even coming from across The Pond: one back issue of Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine, one small book entitled Jane Austen's England and one dark-green tote bag with the P&P (1894) "Peacock Edition" cover on the front. I'm not an avid shopper at all, so it's incredibly rare for me to come across a MUST-HAVE purchase, but that bag was one of them... For a mere 11.99 in British pounds (about $19) + shipping, it was mine! It arrived 2 days ago, and I've been happily putting it to use ever since. :-)

Finally, I'm honored to be a guest of the wonderful Tina Russo today on her group blog "The Seekers." Tina, a fellow 007 Bond Sister, asked me to talk a little about the Women's Fiction genre and how I define it. So, if you're interested, please stop by Seekerville! I'll also be giving away an advanced reading copy of According to Jane to one of the day's commenters over there... :)


Carrie Lofty said...

I also loved that about the Keira version. I had my doubts, and I didn't really care for it the first time I saw it--I mean, who can compete with Firth/Ehle??--but the youthfulness played out more like how I imagine a gaggle of teen sisters would behave. There wasn't as much intellectual or maturity distance between Lizzy and her sisters, which makes her behavior more understandable--she's just a kid, really! And Matthew's Darcy gives the impression of a young man who's been saddled with an extreme amount of responsibility at a young age, and how he's trying really hard to look like he fits in with the grown-ups. The dirt and the less posh costumes make the contrast between their stations more obvious as well, whereas the BBC made even poor gentry look pretty damn posh :)

It's getting so close, Marilyn! I'm so excited for you!

Stephanie said...

I tweeted about your giveaway and the marvel comics for P&P (I must get my hands on a copy of those)!

Robin said...

I loved the Keira version too! And that bag is gorgeous, Marilyn! Enjoy it. I'm so glad you got to indulge yourself this past week. And hey, you might not be seeking out the same comics as your guys, but the time spent together "looking" was priceless I'm sure.

Have a wonderful week!

Mary S said...

I too loved the Keira/Matthew version. They had an undeniably chemistry and a youthfulness that I couldn't help but get drawn into.

Sounds like a very indulgent week for you. I'm envious! :)

Pamala Knight said...

First things first and that bag is GORGEOUS!!! Might just be making a little internet shopping trip to England myself...

Next, I totally agree with your assessments of the film and comics. I echo Carrie's feelings about the 2005 PnP production. It was nice to actually see a Darcy who was 28 and showed the strain of having so much responsibility from such an early age. And Keira made me a fan with that performance.

I'll toddle over to the other site to read and comment as well.


Pamela Cayne said...

I'm just agreeing with everybody--loved the Kiera/Matthew version, adore your bag and am jumping up and down in excitement for the end of the month!

Marilyn Brant said...

Carrie~You're so right! I loved that about Matthew's performance, too. Viewers finally get an insight into how much pressure it must've been for a young man to oversee an estate like Pemberley while, at the same time, trying to deal with family, friends, love interests... :) Sigh!

Stephanie~thank you for tweeting (and, again, for your wonderful Everything Austen Challenge idea!). You will LOVE these comics.

Robin~thank you. It *was* funny being the one in the car pointing and saying, "Oh! Oh! There's comic book store! Do we have time to stop?" I suspect my son will enjoy the never-ending delight of getting to tease me about that... Hope you have a great week, too.
p.s. I've still got "September" in my head from your post ;).

Mary~HI!! Oh, there were a couple memorable moments of indulgent relaxation in an otherwise action-packed month (summer...year...). It was nice to have that, although I suspect the next wave of ultra-busy-ness is about to hit!

Pamala~I definitely thought of YOU when I saw that bag and all the Darcy stuff!!! They have many cute things on the site. The green tote was part of their "JA Centre Exclusive Items"--things only available through them--but I did see several giftshop offerings that I'd come across on Amazon.com and elsewhere :).

Pamela~Oooh! I'll jump up and down with you! (*pausing, out of breath already*) Must get back to exercising more regularly...LOL!

Anonymous said...

See and I didn't like the Keira version. BUT I am willing to watch it again and approach with your thoughts of the energy.

Love your bag!!!

So you never read comics before. For me comics were the first romance books I ever read.

Millie the Model was my favorite!!!


Marilyn Brant said...

Tina~thanks for the link to Millie the Model--I just looked it up! So cute :). But, no, until this P&P Marvel thing, I never really read a comic book, at least not beyond glancing at a page or two. It was a fun change!

hmsgofita said...

I loved this P&P and those comics look great! I love your new bag as well!

Marilyn Brant said...

hmsgofita~thanks so much for stopping by! Glad we share a love of that film (and that you like my new bag ;). Hope you had a fun weekend!