Friday, November 21, 2008

Hey, Blogger, What's Your Type?

Okay, I just had to share this, courtesy of Jenny Crusie, who posted something about it this week: The Typealyzer analyzes your blog posts and tells you, in Myers-Briggs terms, what type of blog it is. If you have time, try it for fun on yours, and let me know if you think it rings true for you.

For me, I got stamped "ISFP: The Artists." The program informed me that those so labeled are "not friends of many words" (which makes me laugh uproarously--of my many authorial bad habits, "too wordy" heads the list...), but perhaps that's not quite the intended connotation. However, the worst infraction is in regards to that "S". The other three letters I have no quarrel with, but the 25+ times (in as many years) that I've taken some version of the Myers-Briggs, I've always been an "N". Always. And by shockingly high percentiles.

So, clearly, someone else is writing these blog posts in my absence or, as Jenny suggested about herself, I'm blogging under an assumed personality. If it's the latter, I won't admit to it. If it's the former, I need to find this supposedly "gentle and compassionate" person and tell her to make dinner for us because I have no intention of doing so. I'm too busy cutting unnecessary words out of my latest scene.


Pam said...

OMG--I'm an ESFP, (or something close..) a Performer.

I guess it's true--laugh at one of my jokes and I try even harder to make you laugh a second time.

Marilyn Brant said...

Pam~You may feel as though you're working at it, but it doesn't come across that way. Your sense of humor is so natural and delightful, I always look forward to your posts (even when you're ragging on Austen--geez :).

Cindy Procter-King said...

Hey, cool, I love that. Will have to post it to my own blog next week.

It says I'm a "Do'er" - an ESTP. "Active and playful." I admit, that suits my writing style (I think!) but my own personality always scores INFJ.

L.A. Mitchell said...

I'm a thinker. Do I think? Really ;)

I adore your blog, Marilyn. Good luck on trimming the wordy fat.

Pamala Knight said...

That is what I am talking about!!! LOL.

Hehe, you tell 'em Marilyn. Enough of this "S" when we really are "N" and you are so not wordy. You are erudite, loquacious and intelligent. Your blog reflects that and I am rushing off to take this crazy test right now.

i love your post.

Marilyn Brant said...

Cindy~Yes! Please feel free to pass the link along--I'm so glad you tried it out!!

L.A.~LOL. Yeah, you definitely have that "thinker" vibe going. No mistakin' it :).

Pamala~You are a honeycomb of sweetness and delight!! Thank you for repackaging my flaws as strengths--hugs to you, my friend!

Robin said...

Shall we give your blogging alter ego a name? Maybe Janey? :)

I'm a Performer like Pam - ESFP. I've never done the Myers Briggs thing for myself but I'd have to agree with most of what if mentioned in the brief description. Expect I really don't feel like I'm a performer - I'm much quieter in real life.

Thanks for this fun post, Marilyn!

Caryn Caldwell said...

Okay, I really, really want to know how they decide. Post length? Certain words? I ended up as an ISTP. Like you, though, that's way off my Myers-Briggs results. I am always an INFJ. I'm right on the border between a J and P, though, so it really depends on the day for that one. It sounds like we have similar personalities.

Caryn Caldwell said...

Couldn't resist -- I did the test for my new blog, which has the same exact posts except for the very first one. The results are different: ISFP. Hmmm.

Marilyn Brant said...

Robin~How funny! I love the idea of having a "Janey" alter ego :). I'm glad you tried out the link, too.

Caryn~Amazing how your two blogs came up differently... Having read your latest post, I can't account for what would've caused that. Hmm. As for the Myers-Briggs stuff, I'm just glad to know another real-life INFJ (or P--my scores always waffle on that one, too :)!

Brett said...

This really made me laugh. Our training team at work did the MB test a few months ago, and my results were ENFJ. However, the "typealyzer" claims that I'm an ISTP....the EXACT OPPOSITE! Maybe I have a completely different personality itching to break out on my blog!?! :) I tend to have such a blend of personality traits and styles though, so I'm glad I can't be put in a box that easily. :)

Marilyn Brant said...

Brett~A completely opposite type? Wow!! You must be the Zorro of Bloggers: "By day, he's the jovial ENFJ to his work colleagues...but at night, he becomes the masked and dangerous ISTP blogger!" :-)