Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Girfriends Cyber Circuit: Kelly Parra is Here!

I'm thrilled to have YA novelist Kelly Parra here with me this morning! She's the author of Graffiti Girl, a double RITA nominee and a Latinidad Top Pick, and the contemporary paranormal, Invisible Touch, which is what we'll be chatting about today.

Welcome, Kelly!!

Can you tell us the basic premise of your new book?
Kelly: Invisible Touch is about Kara Martinez who sees "signs" on individuals' torsos and she must piece these signs together like a puzzle and do her best to stop unfortunate fates. When she sees the sign of a gun on a fellow classmate, the latest mystery takes her into dangerous territory that increases with a relationship with a boy from the wrong side of town. Invisible Touch has mystery, romance, and family drama, and I'm hoping I give readers an entertaining read.

Who was the first person you told when you got The Call announcing you'd sold your first novel?
Kelly: Husband! He'd been so supportive through the years, he was the person I had to tell first.

What's your Writer Fantasy? (I can never get enough of this question! :)
Kelly: Wow! I could go crazy with a fantasy, but my goals have always been like small stepping stones. I never dare to dream too big. Any bestseller list would do for me. *sigh*

Would your high school friends be surprised to discover you'd become a novelist?
Kelly: I think they would definitely be surprised. I was an art kid in high school. I even went to school for graphic design. The writing occupation came as a big surprise to me too!

Do your neighbors/hometown acquaintances know you're a published author or did you just choose to tell those closest to you?
Kelly: When I first sold a book, I could not tell acquaintances. Only my family and a few select friends knew. Then when my book was released family and friends helped to tell others. I still don't tell some people I meet. I don't want anyone to feel like I'm bragging because you never know how some people will take your good news. Most people are supportive and interested and some try to top you. It's a strange situation!

Thanks for having me your blog, Marilyn!

It's been a pleasure, Kelly :). And thanks to all of you who've stopped by, too!


Kelly Parra said...

Hi Marilyn, everything looks great! Thanks so much for the interview!

robin said...

The book sounds great! Congrats to Kelly on the release! I look forward to reading it. :)

L.A. Mitchell said...

Isn't it interesting the dynamic that takes place when a writer becomes published. On one hand, we can't get around marketing. On the other, we feel like we're bragging.

Great interview, Marilyn.

Kelly, I love the premise of your book and know someone who would drop everything to read it.

Marilyn Brant said...

Kelly~Yay! You know how much I enjoyed touring you :).

Robin~Thanks for reading the interview amidst your busy Sven week!! Hope it's going well...

L.A.~As you and Kelly both mentioned, we walk such a fine line in this industry between promoting productively and being viewed as boastful... I'm in admiration of writers who can market themselves and their books without coming across as obnoxious or too intense. There ought to be an author class on this :).

Pam said...

Kelly--your book sounds fascinating! And you didn't tell us about your movie deal--spill! (For those of us living vicariously through your RITA life!)


Pamala Knight said...

Excellent interview as always Marilyn! You know, if you decide to give up this writer's life, I bet you could make that Barbara Walters woman shake in her boots a little.

Thanks to Kelly for sharing all her news and we do indeed need to hear the details of that movie deal. It's everyone's dream to have that hanging over their head, so congratulations.

Marilyn Brant said...

Pam and Pamala~one of both of you may have already checked it out, but Kelly's agent, Kristin Nelson, posted some info about her movie option on Monday, October 20th (see: pubrants.blogspot.com). SO COOL!!! Congrats, again, Kelly!