Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Technological Jungle

For the past week I've been lost in a deep forest of USB ports, ethernet cables and power surge protectors. I've been trapped under a heavy stack of "read this first before you attempt to install" directions. I've been caught up in hour-long conversations with Tech Support people in India, the States and Lands Unknown.

But I'm back.

I made it through a multitude of dark, unmarked, serpentine paths at Best Buy, Office Max and Circuit City. I left a breadcrumb trail of flashdrives so I could find my way back to the lit parking lot at closing. And I returned to my house with a new desktop PC, a high-speed Internet connection and a vow not to venture into such foreign territory again for as long as my "new," January 2008 technology holds out.

According to all reports, it's already outdated.

Never mind. I'm home again. Safe in my tiny office. Ready to resubmerge myself into the online world. And ever so thankful I survived the journey it took to get back here.


L.A. Mitchell said...

Sounds like you had quite a week. Glad to have you back :)

Eliza said...

YAY! I'm going to send you every interesting youtube video ever.

Maureen McGowan said...

Welcome back from the jungle.

Nadine Dajani said...

I just bought a new ipod last week and was nearly in tears trying to set it up.

Picture this: my "old" (3yrs) ipod came with installation software (something you would expect, no?). The new ipod, to my deep consternation, did not. I had to download it. After several failed attempts to do so, and way too many pages of online technobabble to count, I found out I had to totally uninstall my old itunes to get the new version to load.

Now, my question was, what if... gulp... I uninstalled and it *still* didn't work??? I'd be left with nothing!

Luckily this story has a happy ending, but for a solid 24 hours I was cursing out the day I bought into this whole Apple hype crap.

But now I am thrilled with the new, very spiffy, very colourful ipod.

I wish you equal joy with your new techno-toys!

...and happy New Year, btw!