Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Upcoming Book Cover Reveal & Happy Left Hander's Day!

I don't know how it managed to be the middle of August already, but when I flipped the calendar to this week and realized that -- for my son, at least, the school year was beginning -- I couldn't deny that little pang telling me summer was nearing its end.

Not that I'm unhappy about that, mind you! As much as I love the joys of long hours of daylight, the absence of snow/hail/frost, the time spent with my husband and son while they're on their vacations...I'm looking forward to this fall BIG TIME!! There are so many events coming up in the next couple of months that I feel like a little kid right before the holidays. So many treats and presents! (Of both the edible & non-edible varieties. ;) So many fun gatherings! (When, exactly, am I going to get any sleep?!) So many occasions ahead for celebration...it's a little overwhelming, actually.

In just a few weeks -- on Friday, September 6th -- there will be the cover reveal day for THE ROAD TO YOU! And, if you have a blog and are at all interested in being a part of it, you're more than welcome to join in (there's a sign-up at Xpresso Book Tours HERE for anyone who'd like to participate). The book itself will be available in early October (planned release date is 10-3-13), and I'm naturally thrilled about that! I spent three years writing this novel -- my first coming-of-age romantic mystery for older teens through adults -- and I can't wait to finally get to share it with you all.

Before that, though, the annual general meeting (AGM) of the Jane Austen Society of North America will be coming up at the end of September!! I'm now a lifetime member of the organization, and it's going to be such fun to get to take part in this wonderful conference as a published author for the first time. I've been to two prior AGMs -- in Milwaukee 2005 and Chicago 2008 -- but this time I get to visit Minneapolis, sign my books at their author event and meet in person several members of the Austen community that I've gotten to know online. We'll be talking about Mr. Darcy and the P&P gang nonstop!! (How could that not be a blast?!) It's my kind of conversation for sure :).

Just a few weeks later, on October 18th, I'll have the honor of speaking at the annual Illinois Association of Teachers of English conference in Normal, IL as their 2013 Author of the Year. So, truly, this is an autumn season that's already packed with exciting things!

However, I know I'm not the only one busy with upcoming plans and events... What are you doing? Any special end-of-summer activities on your agenda? Looking into September or October, do you have anything ahead that you're particularly looking forward to seeing or doing?

On a totally different note, today is "Left Hander's Day." So, in honor of the many Lefties out there -- including my son, who just started high school yesterday (OMG...) -- I wanted to wish you and all of the Loveable Lefties in your life a wonderful one!


Edie Ramer said...

I read the description of The Road to You, and it sounds so good. I'm already eager to read it! I want to find out what happened to Gideon.

I'm doing a walk for arthritis this Saturday - and then going to Irish Fest. That's one of our favorite festivals.

Marilyn Brant said...

Edie, thank you!!
It's been a long road (no pun intended :) to get this book ready for release. Thanks for always being so supportive. And you've got Irish Fest this weekend!! I went to it once and had a blast. Hope you'll have a wonderful time!!

Robin Bielman said...

Woot! I'm so excited for you Marilyn! I would love to have you on my blog as part of the cover reveal or anytime during September or October! Let me know!

And hey, I've got a lefty too!

Happy weekend!

Robin Bielman said...

Hey! Me again. I just signed up officially. Yay! Can't wait to help reveal your cover. And I forget to say the book sounds AWESOME! I need it. Like now!

Marilyn Brant said...

THANK YOU!!! So sweet of you to help with the cover reveal -- and I really appreciate it ;). I feel as though I've done nothing but race around here like a crazy person, but I wish I could just teleport myself to CA for a morning so we could catch up over coffee or tea together... xo

Candy M said...

I signed up for the cover reveal, Marilyn! Woot! I'll be at the AGM too! So, I'll see you there! Looking forward to it! School started here too. Since I'm the teacher, it means more work for me. ;) My daughter is in the 8th grade this year....hmmm. ;) LOL!

Marilyn Brant said...

Ohhh, thank you for signing up for the cover reveal!! I truly appreciate it ;). And I *can't wait* to finally get to meet you in person at the AGM!!!!!! Hope you (and your kids!) enjoy this school year!