Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Summer in Europe Goes Polish!

This is so exciting for me, I actually don't know how to contain it...

Ever since I started writing fiction, it seemed a huge enough dream to get to see my novels published here in the U.S. and Canada. I figured, if I were really lucky, readers in other English-speaking countries or non-native speakers with a strong grasp of the language (i.e., not like my laughable attempts at speaking French...) might just snag a print or digital copy of one of my books and -- in that way -- my stories could travel the globe. Kinda.

But still there lingered this little fantasy I couldn't deny...the one where I imagined how it would be SO INCREDIBLY COOL if a book I'd written were translated into a language other than English, too. That a subrights agent somewhere out there might feel a story I'd written was universal enough to appeal to citizens who were part of another culture, and would think it worth the time and effort to actually translate it.

Well, that happened this week for A SUMMER IN EUROPE... The foreign translation rights were sold for the first time, and the book will be coming out in July/August 2013 in Polish!!! (My editor said the cover wouldn't be available for a while yet, but I'll definitely post a photo as soon as I get one. :)

We have some family friends who are originally from Poland. We went to one of their weddings in September (it was beautiful!), and we got to try a piece of traditional wedding bread dipped in salt. I learned the word for "thank you" (Dziękuję - pronounced something like "jen-koo-yeh"). And, one of my dancing partners from college was Polish-American. Years ago, he brought me some handpainted wooden Easter eggs made in a small village near Warsaw, which I still put out for decoration each spring... But the only other connection I have specifically to Polish culture would be -- of course -- the foods, LOL.

We have a Polish deli nearby and have picked up various delicious sliced meats and sausages and the occasional pastry. But what we really love are the cheese and potato pierogies (Polish dumplings). We buy them frozen most of the time, and just bake them until they're lightly browned. Yum. And I can tell you right now, we'll be having them in celebration this weekend!!

Do you have any favorite foods, songs, traditions or decorations that are Polish? Anything I should be sure check out?? If so, please share!

Also, just a quick FYI for anyone interested: I'm hosting a Fresh Fiction Holiday Contest this month, featuring Godiva Chocolate + HOLIDAY MAN, that runs until December 12th. The giveaway details and prizes are all here!! Wishing you a Happy St. Nick's Day!


Edie Ramer said...

What fun! Congrats on your foreign sale! About the only polish food I know is polish sausage. I'm sure I'd love their bakery, because I pretty much love any bakery. :)

Pamala Knight said...

Congratulations!! How wonderful to have your excellent book translated into another language. Here's hoping this is the beginning of a trend and ASIE gets published in multiple languages.


Marilyn Brant said...

Ha!! So true. I think I love the bakery items from every culture, too ;). And Polish sausage -- yum!!!

Thank you, my friend! This is a dream come true for me...second only, perhaps, to Ian S. wanting to star in a movie made from one of my books, LOL.

Robin Bielman said...

That is awesome!! Congratulations! Those Poles (not really sure what noun to use here but I'm not referring to those tall things made out of metal) are very lucky to get your book!

Jill Thomas said...

I know I already told you, but I am so happy for you, M. :)))) My hubby goes to Poland for business once or twice a year and I already told him I am going after your book comes out. Yes, I just said I am going to a foreign land for the explicit purpose of picking up your book. Why? Because, you are the knees of the bees. xoxoxo

Marilyn Brant said...

Robin, LOL! I'm not sure how lucky the Poles are, but I definitely feel fortunate!! Thank you so much, my dear ;).

Jill, ohhhh, how you make me smile, my lovely friend! What a cool trip that will be!! (And not because of the book, LOL...just because getting to go to Poland would be so exciting. :) I can't wait to see a few of your photos if you go!