Saturday, July 28, 2012

Let the Games Begin!

It was such a thrill to watch the Opening Ceremonies for the London 2012 Summer Olympics last night.

Yes, yes, there were long stretches where there was just lots of talking and walking (my son informed me he was "bored" more than once during the Parade of Nations), but I loved that ten-minute sequence at the very beginning that showed famous spots around the United Kingdom...and who wouldn't get a kick out of that fun scene with Queen Elizabeth II (aka Bond Girl) and Daniel Craig (aka 007) where they jumped out of the helicopter?! I couldn't stop smiling.

When we went to the England at the end of March, one of our major sightseeing visits was the British Museum. My husband and I had been there before, but we wanted our son to see cool historical things like the Rosetta Stone, too, so he wouldn't think London was only known for the Tube and the Cadbury bars...

As a bonus, we had a chance to get a close-up view of the newly minted Olympic gold medals for the London Games, which were on display in the museum, and I thought this week would be the perfect time to share them. Gorgeous, yes? I'm already anticipating the fun of watching the men's and women's gymastics competitions, some of the swimming and diving events and a taster platter of other sports, like archery, volleyball and fencing. What about you?? Do you watch? Which events are your favorites?

And, in an extra bit of exciting news, I was delighted to learn a couple of weeks ago that my ebook romance, Double Dipping, was named a 2012 contemporary novel finalist in the International Digital Awards! There may not have been any gold medals bestowed on the finalists or winners, but it was a tremendous honor all the same.

Wishing you all a fabulous week!!


Edie Ramer said...

Congrats on your award! Well-deserved!

I missed the ceremonies, but I heard it was wonderful. Maybe I'll watch it tonight.

Marilyn Brant said...

Edie, thank you so much!
As for the ceremonies, there were some lovely parts to it -- I thought the lighting of the torch was especially cool. Hope you enjoy it when you see it :).

Pamala Knight said...

Congratulations on your final, Marilyn!! That's awesome and very well-deserved. I love DOUBLE DIPPING.

Also, I totally agree about Her Majesty and Bond. It was such a wonderful skit and IMO, showed that QE2 has a sense of humor. Maybe the grandkids (as well as Danny Boyle) talked her into it. Regardless, it was a great moment in a night of great moments.

The men in my house deserted me too during the parade of nations, but I really enjoyed watching all the colorful outfits and seeing the joy and excitement on the faces of the athletes.

Marilyn Brant said...

Pamala, thanks, my friend ;).
And I agree with you on Her Majesty's sense of humor. I'm not sure how Mr. Boyle talked her into it, but it made for such a memorable opening to the ceremony. I really think all of the Brits should be proud of what they accomplished!

Jill Thomas said...

Congratulations, M.!! You know how much I loved DOUBLE DIPPING! (And do love double dipping in general!!) I also love that the Olympics are in London--I've had the pleasure of seeing some of my fav things all together: hot athletes, the royals, Daniel Craig, hot athletes... ;) Hope you have a great week!

Robin Bielman said...

Hi Marilyn! Congrats on the IDA final!! That is so terrific and I loved Double Dipping!

I haven't caught much of the Olympics - yet! I say this ALL the time, but I really need more hours in the day.


Marilyn Brant said...

Jill, what's not to love about those hot athletes *and* Daniel Craig?!! And thank you for always being so kind and supportive. You're wonderful!

Robin, thank you!! (And I know you're a Daniel Craig fan, too. :) I'm SO with you on needing more hours in the day... I think I need another summer vacation, too!!