Monday, January 24, 2011

Blog Visits & Awards

Good Morning! Happy Monday! Just a quick note that I'm over at the Chick Lit Writers of the World blog today, thanks to the kind invitation of Melina Kantor! But I'll be back here tomorrow to host a guest visit with the lovely Malena Lott, and I'm still visiting Spirited Woman for a few more days and talking about romance novels vs. real life.

Also, special thanks to Brittany Roshelle of The Write Stuff for bestowing this lovely award on my blog! As per the rules, I'm supposed to tell the world 7 things about me and pass it along to my fellow bloggers. (I'm sharing it with any of you who would like to participate. ;)

So, 7 things:
1. I'm 5'3" (almost). One time when I went to a book-club meeting as the visiting author, some woman I'd just met looked at me strangely and said, "I thought you'd be taller." I looked at her strangely in return and said, "Yeah, I thought so, too."
2. I make up book titles when I dream.
3. I find the smell of pickled herring to be revolting. Yet, my husband eats it in front of me anyway.
4. I only studied Russian for one semester in college -- they didn't offer it at my university until my last year -- but I loved it and still remember how to sing this one drinking song. I do not, however, remember what the words mean.
5. I'm fascinated by hockey players fighting on the ice. How do they keep their balance?
6. I am NEVER in the mood for dusting.
7. When I look at a digital clock, I immediately check to see if it's a workable equation (i.e., 2:36pm is 2x3=6, but 1:09am is just an imbalanced set of numbers, and I'm annoyed with them until it's 1:10, or 1-1=0). My brother -- the statistics guy! -- claims this is an odd reaction to telling time and he would like me to get over it. Is he right? (So far I haven't listened, LOL.)


Pamela Cayne said...

You know, I would have guessed you were taller. Maybe in my mind I add inches of awesomeness to your height. Nah, then you'd be about eighty-two feet tall. Hmm...

Loved hearing about you!

Marilyn Brant said...

I heart you, Pamela. That is all I have to say ;). xoxox

Edie Ramer said...

Marilyn, compared to me, you are taller! And, I'm sorry, but Nr. 7 is just weird. lol

I'm fascinated by the hockey guys, too. They look like they're enjoying themselves so much.

Marilyn Brant said...

Ha, Edie!!! Well, score 1 for my brother, 0 for me ;). In truth, I've talked with enough people to know that most just look at a clock and see...numbers. But I'm holding out hope that someone, somewhere will step in and say, "But of course! Doesn't *everyone* see equations on their kitchen clock?!" I imagine I'll have to wait a while for that... xo

Joe Badran said...

I think your brother is right about #7.
Love ya Sis!! ;)

Marilyn Brant said...

LOL, Joe!! Geez, I can't talk about you online without you finding out. (Love ya, too, Bro! :) But you're WAY biased on #7. Totally throws off the data sample...

Brittany Roshelle said...

LOL! # 7 is so cool. I come from a family full of mathematicians (mostly engineers). It sounds like you have natural propensity for math which is really awesome even if you don't like math!

Congrats on all the interviews and on making the New York Times Bestseller List :-D

Marilyn Brant said...

LOL, Brittany!! I am SO GLAD somebody finally understands! You have made my day ;). You and I will have to compare tales of growing up surrounded by math people. I think the subject came up briefly in St. Louis...but I suspect we'll have MUCH more to discuss!