Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Everyone Sheila Curran Loves

The Girlfriends Cyber Circuit has a new tour starting next week with humorous and clever women's fiction author Sheila Curran. But, because of the upcoming AustenFest and chaotic life events in general, the gracious Sheila let me post her tour early, and I'm feeling pretty lucky about it because today is the official release day of EVERYONE SHE LOVED (Atria). YAY!!

Joshilyn Jackson, author of GODS IN ALABAMA, wrote of the book: “EVERYONE SHE LOVED is peopled with women of strong appetites---for love, for sex, for food---and Sheila Curran has amazing insight into the love-hate relationship that women have with each other and their own bodies. Curran is a beautiful writer, both witty and evocative, and she knows how to keep a reader riveted.”

I've certainly found this to be true as I read Sheila's novel. And, because she was kind enough to send me an advanced reading copy and I've been able to enjoy it already, I'm going to give away my copy to one commenter on Friday. Just leave a message on today's post between now and then, and you'll be eligible to win!

Welcome, Sheila! Can you tell readers about this book? Penelope Cameron, a loving mother and devoted wife, has talked her husband and closest friends into signing an outlandish pact. If Penelope should die before her daughters are adults, her husband cannot remarry without the permission of Penelope’s sister and three college roommates. The contract gathers dust until the unthinkable happens. Then everything changes in an instant and everyone she loved must find their way in a world without Penelope. Think old money in the New South, complete with romantic confusion, legal entanglements and the unbreakable bonds between four women – and a man.

Name 3-4 of your favorite musical artists/groups. Bruce Springsteen, Counting Crows, Lucinda Williams, Neil Young. Did you use any musical references in your novel? Yes. If so, do they play a significant role? Yes. One of my characters is a very sweet, superficial and somewhat tactless woman named Clover. (i.e., She brings her friend Lucy an artfully wrapped gift certificate for her 40th birthday. It’s to “kick the pounds.”) Anyway, Clover is the queen of malapropisms. For example, she’s on the ‘urge’ of a breakdown instead of ‘verge.’ She’s also extremely proud of her singing voice and is always going around getting the lyrics wrong. This will eventually play into the plot, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

In light of Joshilyn Jackson's excellent comments above, do you have a favorite food? Italian, hands-down. Especially pasta. Any kind, any sauce.

Who was the first person you told when you got The Call announcing you'd sold your first novel? My husband, and then my father. He was the first person to suggest I write a novel. It only took twenty years to get published after that! (LOL!! A lot of us can relate to that. :)

What's your Writer Fantasy? I don’t care about fame or fortune. I would just like to reach enough readers to make a living doing what I love most, without having to continue my day job.

Thanks for visiting, Sheila, and congrats again on your release today! FYI: On June 22nd, Sheila and her publisher are hoping to get enough people ordering on Amazon and B&N to hit their TOP 100 SELLERS list. If this book captures your interest, perhaps you'll consider buying a copy on Monday...


Maria Geraci said...

Okay, I got goose bumps reading the description of your book! And it has such a beautiful cover! Congratulations, Sheila:)

Anonymous said...

This book sounds super cool and I really liked what Joshilyn Jackson said about it. Please enter me in the contest!


Gail Fuller said...

Great premise for a story! WTG! Congratulations!

Gail :)

Robin said...

Congrats to Sheila! I also thought the book sounded really great and I'm adding it to my book buying list!

Another terrific interview, Marilyn! The warmth that comes through your questions and every Girlfriends Cyber Circuit author's answers makes me feel lucky to be a part of the writing world. Thanks to all of you! (And hey, I've started a book club so do you think my pals will mind if I suggest all the books?)

Marilyn Brant said...

Maria~it's a great story! I got goose bumps a few times :).

Samantha~thanks for visiting! You're definitely entered.

Gail~thank you for stopping by amidst all of your travel prep. I really appreciate it!!

Robin~what a sweet thing to say. Thanks so much for making me smile tonight :). I think your friends ought to elect you Official Book Selector. Tell them I've nominated you--which I'm sure I can do, even if I'm not part of the book club, right?!

Erica said...

Oh, this sounds like it will be a great read -- one that has me sobbing like a baby, of course, but still great! (Am I to take it there's a lot of food descriptions in there? LOVE novel food!)

Marilyn Brant said...

It is good, Erica--to your taste in many ways, I think :).

Middle Ditch said...

Great interview. And I so agree with the last answer.

L.A. Mitchell said...

What an interesting premise. I'm curious as to how the idea came about.

Nancy J. Parra said...

Hi Marilyn, thanks for hosting. Sheila, this book sounds fabulous. I'm off to order a copy.


Marilyn Brant said...

Thanks, Middle Ditch! (And I agree with that last answer, too...)

L.A, I'd be curious to know, too. Sheila, if you read this, let us know!

Nancy, thank you :).

Vesper said...

Oh, what an interesting story!

Congratulations to Sheila! She should be very proud of herself.

Thank you, Marilyn and Sheila, for a terrific interview. There's hope for all of us... :-)

Marilyn Brant said...

And thanks to you, Vesper, for taking time to stop by! Hope you have a wonderful weekend :).

Nadine said...

I'm reading this book now and I'm really, really enjoying it. The quality of writing and the quirky characters make it really stand out.