Monday, December 22, 2008

The Naughty, The Nice & The Clueless

I stupidly went to the mall this morning. In the face of such horrors, and in an attempt to stay connected to my happy, joyful, non-Scrooge side this holiday season while maintaining some small measure of perspective, I've taken to distinguishing between the different social behaviors I've been forced to notice over the course of the month, slotting them into one of three categories and sending the various recipients my holiday wishes accordingly.

The Naughty
A small but repugnant group that includes:
*Drivers who purposely cut you off on icy roads or who stop indefinitely in the middle of a narrow parking-lot lane, trapping you there.
*People who push and shove on escalators so as to beat everyone to the sales items.
*Those rotten individuals who steal store merchandise, wallets and purses, gifts intended for others or someone else's identity.
May Santa bring lumps of coal to each of them...and pelt them with it.

The Nice
A far larger group that includes:
*Thoughtful souls who bake gingerbread or sugar cookies from scratch and insist on sharing them.
*Those incredibly dedicated people who serve others by volunteering in soup kitchens, donating time and resources to charities they believe in and smiling sincerely at all who pass by.
*Anyone who shovels or plows anyone else's 10-inch-deep, snow-covered driveway without any expectation of payment or even a word of thanks.
May they receive gifts back in kind--tenfold.

The Clueless
This may be the biggest group of all. They include but are not limited to:
*The accidental line cutters.
*Visitors who stop by "for just one minute" but manage to track in an hour's worth of slush, salt and mud.
*Guests or relatives who, in forwarding an agenda or a timetable of their own, unwittingly create innumerable inconveniences for others.
May they one day see their actions through a more perceptive lens, cease their not-mean-spirited-but-still-really-annoying behaviors and choose to either embrace a heightened sense of awareness during the holidays or hide away until after the New Year.

But back to The Nice category...while I rarely have a chance to see any of you in person and, thus, you are relieved of having to witness my usual December Grinchiness firsthand, I think of you all just the same. With my deepest gratitude for a year of sharing blog posts and my heartfelt joy at having gotten to know you all just a little better through our exchanges, I send one final wish: May your holidays and the coming year be filled with good health, happiness, delicious (and miraculously calorie-free) treats and the fulfillment of your dreams.

Merry Christmas, friends.


Vesper said...

Naughty, nice, or clueless - yes, we often bump into these everywhere... But, hey, in the Christmas (fun) spirit we should embrace all of them... Lovely post!

Marylin, thank you for your good wishes! A very Merry Christmas to you too! May the New Year gift you and your loved ones with much health and happiness.

Robin said...

Marilyn, I LOVE your list! It's been so wonderful getting to know you better through blogging, and I wish you and your family peace, love, and joy! Happy, happy holidays and may the new year be especially bright!

Marilyn Brant said...

Vesper~Thank you!! Wishing you a fabulous holiday and looking forward to reading more of your beautiful poems and thoughtful posts in the New Year :).

Robin~Getting to chat with you online has been one of the year's treasures for me--I'm so glad we met in July (however briefly!), and I hope we cross paths again sometime soon!

Melina said...

Wow, that summed up this time of year perfectly!

Happy Holidays, and best wishes for a fantastic 2009!

Marilyn Brant said...

Melina~Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a fabulous holiday, too! (p.s. I thought of you over the weekend--we had a feast of Greek delights on Saturday. :)

Pam said...

Aw, thanks Marilyn! Merry Christmas to you and yours, too. May Santa bring you a snowblower, a visit to the NYT bestseller list and all the people from the "nice" list. :)

Marilyn Brant said...

Pam~Seriously, I may want that snowblower even more than the NYT, at least this week...but I'm lucky to already have so many of those nice people in my life :). *hug*

L.A. Mitchell said...

Okay everyone...
Make sure you take off your shoes if you visit Brantland. I don't want her unleashed brand of whoop *ss :D