Monday, August 20, 2007

Back To School

The long, hot, lazy days of summer are coming to an end. Soon, children everywhere will be back at school and the whirl of homework and extracurricular activities will catch us into its frenetic spin again. Soon, the lush leaves will change color and all foliage in the neighborhood will be brown and crunchy and, more often than not, unquestionably dead. Soon, the Midwestern air will cool our indecisive climate to its pre-wintertime chill and we'll grow certain in the knowledge that snow, hail and icestorms are as inevitable as high heating bills. And, today, the only thing I can say about all of that is...


If I never see another mosquito, I'll still have had enough bites--after just this summer--to last my lifetime. I want my writing time back, and my discussions with my friends, too--uninterrupted by our darling children's questions. I want to finally be able to wear a sweater again, and to not have to set foot in our community's public swimming pool for at least nine months. I want to throw out my flip-flops, my insect repellent and my nearly empty sunscreen bottles. I want to have a bonfire of summer-reading lists and Tastee-Freez coupons

I will, of course, desperately want all of these things back come January. But, for now, I'm heartily glad that tomorrow is "School Supply Drop-Off Day" and that the new school year begins this week.

So, so glad.


L.A. Mitchell said...

I, too, am ready. We went to the water park yesterday and that about capped it off for me. Water-logged and mildy sunburned, I'm dreaming about snow falling outside the window while I write furiously in silence. Of course, snow here is just a fantasy :(

Nadine Dajani said...

You wouldn't have survived very long in the Cayman Islands then, Marilyn! I have to admit that there are some things about fall/winter I missed: fall fashion, not having to suck your gut in all year round, the changing of the leaves, and cozy days inside. There was certain guilt I felt everytime it was beautiful outside and I wanted to stay in - I always felt obligated to go out and swim since I'd spent so many years wishing for nice weather in Montreal. I guess you always wish for what you can't have even if it's a wooly sweater over a bikini!

Sara Daniel said...

School has started, for which I too am infinitely glad. But my youngest still has a couple weeks before her school starts so I'm in an awkward in-between transition time that as proven to be not-so-productive. I now wish to either bask in the weeks of full-relaxation summer vacation or tuck all my kids off to learn and be nurtured by Someone Else so I can finally get back to feeling like I'm accomplishing something.

Soon. I hope.

Sara Daniel

Anonymous said...

WHEW. Not that I don't love the little guy, 'cause I do, but YEAH it's good to be back on our Wednesday schedule, pal! :)