Thursday, May 10, 2007

What We Do After Nine

I had a funny online conversation with a good friend this week. She emailed me, justifiably pleased with herself, because she'd managed to nix her late-night snacking habit.

"Guess what?" she wrote, sometime around midnight. "I managed NOT to eat anything more than carrots after 9pm tonight."

I quickly typed back, "That's awesome! You're amazing! Good for you! Keep up the great work!!!!!" Then, just because she's a really good friend, I added the list of foodstuffs that I'd consumed since 9pm.

Here's a sampling:
--2 Kudos granola bars (one Snickers flavored; one M&Ms)
--a yellow cheese square, highly processed
--3 Tbsp. of a ricotta-based fruit dip (without the accompanying fruit)
--a bite of this lemon-glazed chicken and angel-hair pasta thing my husband got from the grocery store
--15 minutes later...the REST of the lemon-glazed chicken and pasta entree (not kidding)
--a handful of Corn Pops
--1 large spoonful of chocolate frosting, Betty Crocker brand, right from the container
--2 pieces of cinnamon-flavored gum, chewed only 4 minutes (until the flavor disappeared)
--a cherry Starburst fruit chew from my son's leftover Easter candy bin
--several other things I can no longer remember

Raise your hand if you'd consider this an example of "gastronomical porn"? Personally, I think it's more like a gastronomical orgy...

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